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There are 6 arrondissements in the Gironde department. The French departments, and in other countries, are divided into arrondissements, which may be translated into English as districts (in some cases, as boroughs). The capital of an arrondissement is called a subprefecture.

If the prefecture (capital) of the department is in an arrondissement, that prefecture is the capital of the arrondissement, acting both as a prefecture and as a subprefecture.

Arrondissements are further divided into communes.

The 6 arrondissements of Gironde are:

Arrondissement Capital Population
331 Blaye Blaye 88,115 782.4 112.6 63
332 Bordeaux Bordeaux 921,668 1,521.8 605.6 82
333 Langon Langon 130,911 2,644.3 49.5 197
334 Lesparre-Médoc Lesparre-Médoc 86,560 2,274.4 38.1 50
335 Libourne Libourne 152,602 1,282.9 119.0 129
336 Arcachon Arcachon 146,160 1,469.8 99.4 17


Since its creation, the Gironde department has had some changes:

  • 1790 : creation of the Gironde department with seven districts: Bordeaux, Libourne, La Réole, Bazas, Cadillac, Blaye and Lesparre. Bordeaux was the capital of the department.
  • 1800 : creation of the arrondissements: Bordeaux, Bazas, Blaye, Lesparre, Libourne, La Réole.
  • 1926 : the arrondissements of Lesparre and La Réole were eliminated; the subprefecture of Bazas was moved to Langon.
  • 1942 : Lesparre is again an arrondissement of the department with the name of Lesparre-Médoc.
  • 2006 (6 December) : creation of the arrondissement of Arcachon.

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