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Bacalaíto and fried pork
Bacalaíto and fried pork

A bacalaíto is a salted codfish fritter, a traditional Puerto Rican snack that typically is eaten with an entire meal. Bacalaítos are served at the beach, cuchifritos, and at festivals. They are crispy on the outside and dense and chewy in the inside.


In Puerto Rico, bacalaítos are served all over the island with many different versions. The salted cod is soaked in water over night to remove most of the salt or is boiled usually three times. The cod is then drained and shredded into a large bowl with all-purpose flour, sofrito or recaíto, herbs such as oregano, sage, and thyme and spices such as pepper, cumin and annatto. The cod is then worked into the batter until every piece is coated well. Water with a splash of milk or beer is then added. The cod is then deep-fried and when done should resemble a pancake. Some people add egg or baking powder and replace cod for crab meat (crabalaítos).

In the Dominican Republic, bacalaítos are also eaten with meals. Dominicans a small amount of cornstarch and sugar, onion, milk, water, cilantro, parsley, and eggs.

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