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Brahmin is a part of the caste system in Hinduism. A Brahmin is a teacher, doctor, scholar, or religious person. The Brahmins were the highest in all four castes. They are called Dwij because they are twice born people who guide others toward enlightenment. They were fire-priests. The Brahmins developed in the Aryan society by how powerful the people in this caste were. The Brahmins were the highest caste. When they realized that they could do whatever they wanted, they made the caste system rigid and unfair. Before, this caste system was only used to recognize people from their jobs. The people in the caste were all Priests and Dramaist in the Aryan society. The Brahmins have right to arrange prayer and rituals.

Parashurama was a Brahmin by birth, but throughout his life, he was a warrior whose job was to protect Dharma. Brahmins practice Ovo-lacto vegetarianism. They drink milk and eat honey, and some of them also eat eggs. There are many subgroups in Brahmins. Bengali and Kashmiri Brahmins eat fish but they do not eat any other meat. Brahmins of South Indian origin practice cross-cousin marriages and maternal side cousin marriages. North Indians do not practice any cousin marriages and it is taboo for them. South India is not Aryan. Some people of South India Brahminized through adopting it from North India just as they adopted Jainism.

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