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This list includes properties and districts listed on the California Historical Landmark listing in Sacramento County, California. Click the "Map of all coordinates" link to the right to view a Google map of all properties and districts with latitude and longitude coordinates in the table below.

Image Landmark name Location City or town Summary
607 Adams and Company Building Old Sacramento Historic District, 1014 2nd St.
African Methodist Episcopal Church
1013 African Methodist Episcopal Church 715 Seventh St.
38°35′03″N 121°29′46″W / 38.584217°N 121.496033°W / 38.584217; -121.496033 (African Methodist Episcopal Church)
B.F. Hastings Building
606 B.F. Hastings Building Old Sacramento State Historic Park, 1000 2nd St.
38°34′59″N 121°30′15″W / 38.5831°N 121.504183°W / 38.5831; -121.504183 (B.F. Hastings Building)
Booth Company
596 Booth Company 1015-17 Front St.
38°35′00″N 121°30′20″W / 38.583267°N 121.505483°W / 38.583267; -121.505483 (Booth Company)
967 California Almond Growers exchange process facility 1809 C St.
38°35′06″N 121°28′43″W / 38.585°N 121.478667°W / 38.585; -121.478667 (California Almond Growers exchange process facility)
526 California’s First Passenger Railroad 3rd and R Sts.
38°34′26″N 121°30′24″W / 38.574°N 121.506767°W / 38.574; -121.506767 (California’s First Passenger Railroad)
California State Capitol
872 California State Capitol 10th St and Capitol Mall
38°34′36″N 121°29′36″W / 38.576572°N 121.493411°W / 38.576572; -121.493411 (California State Capitol)
666 Camp Union, Sutterville Sutterville and Land Park Dr.
38°32′16″N 121°30′15″W / 38.53785°N 121.50405°W / 38.53785; -121.50405 (Camp Union, Sutterville)
654 Chevra Kaddisha Cemetery 3230 J St.
594 China Slough Sacramento Station
746 Coloma Road - Nimbus Dam Folsom Lake State Recreation Area
Granite Bay
745 Coloma Road - Sutter's Fort 28th and L Sts.
38°34′19″N 121°28′13″W / 38.57185°N 121.4704°W / 38.57185; -121.4704 (Coloma Road - Sutter's Fort)
609 D.O. Mills Bank Building Old Sacramento State Historic Park, 2nd and J Sts
E.B. Crocker Art Gallery
599 E.B. Crocker Art Gallery 216 O St.
38°34′37″N 121°30′18″W / 38.576944°N 121.505°W / 38.576944; -121.505 (E.B. Crocker Art Gallery)
Eagle Theatre (Sacramento, California)
595 Eagle Theatre (Sacramento, California) Old Sacramento State Historic Park, 925 Front St
38°35′01″N 121°30′19″W / 38.58369°N 121.50514°W / 38.58369; -121.50514 (Eagle Theatre (Sacramento, California))
First and second state capitols
869 First and second state capitols 7th and I Sts.
38°34′57″N 121°29′49″W / 38.582617°N 121.497067°W / 38.582617; -121.497067 (First and second state capitols)
Ebner's Hotel
602 Ebner's Hotel 116 1/2 K St.
817 Elk Grove Free Library 9125 Elk Grove Blvd.
38°24′33″N 121°21′41″W / 38.409083°N 121.361467°W / 38.409083; -121.361467 (Elk Grove Free Library)
Elk Grove
698 Fifteen Mile House - Overland Pony Express Route White Rock & Gold Valley Rds.
Rancho Cordova
First Jewish Synagogue owned by a congregation on the west coast
654 First Jewish Synagogue owned by a congregation on the west coast 7th St between Capitol and L
38°34′41″N 121°29′57″W / 38.57795°N 121.499117°W / 38.57795; -121.499117 (First Jewish Synagogue owned by a congregation on the west coast)
697 Five Mile House - Overland Pony Express Route California State University, 6000 "J" St., left on State University Drive East to Guy West Bridge over-crossing and plaza. Plaque located in plaza.
702 Folsom - Overland Pony Express Route 819 Sutter St.
Folsom Terminal
558 Folsom Terminal Leidesdorff Plaza
38°40′33″N 121°10′49″W / 38.675817°N 121.1802°W / 38.675817; -121.1802 (Folsom Terminal)
Folsom Powerhouse
633 Folsom Powerhouse Folsom Powerhouse State Historic Park
38°40′50″N 121°10′32″W / 38.680556°N 121.175556°W / 38.680556; -121.175556 (Folsom Powerhouse)
Governor's Mansion
823 Governor's Mansion Governor's Mansion State Historic Park
38°34′49″N 121°29′01″W / 38.580144°N 121.483681°W / 38.580144; -121.483681 (Governor's Mansion)
657 Grave of Alexander Hamilton Willard Franklin Cemetery
38°22′37″N 121°27′22″W / 38.376867°N 121.4562°W / 38.376867; -121.4562 (Grave of Alexander Hamilton Willard)
719 Grave of Elitha Cumi Donner Wilder Elk Grove Masonic Cemetery, Row C, Lot 2
38°24′31″N 121°23′07″W / 38.408633°N 121.385367°W / 38.408633; -121.385367 (Grave of Elitha Cumi Donner Wilder)
Elk Grove
Lady Adams Building
603 Lady Adams Building Old Sacramento Historic District, 117-19 K St.
38°34′57″N 121°30′19″W / 38.582367°N 121.505267°W / 38.582367; -121.505267 (Lady Adams Building)
Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park
614 Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park 800 N St.
38°34′34″N 121°29′52″W / 38.576172°N 121.497883°W / 38.576172; -121.497883 (Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park)
Michigan Bar
468 Michigan Bar State Hwy 16.
38°29′10″N 121°03′11″W / 38.4862°N 121.052967°W / 38.4862; -121.052967 (Michigan Bar)
Rancho Murieta
680 Murphy's Corral Grant Line Rd and Hwy 99
38°22′29″N 121°21′43″W / 38.374617°N 121.36185°W / 38.374617; -121.36185 (Murphy's Corral)
Elk Grove Also called Murphy's Ranch
592 New Helvetia Cemetery Alhambra Blvd. and J St.
38°34′22″N 121°27′54″W / 38.572883°N 121.465017°W / 38.572883; -121.465017 (New Helvetia Cemetery)
900 Nisipowinan Address restricted
Old Folsom Powerhouse Station
633 Old Folsom Powerhouse Station NE corner of 6th and H Sts
38°35′02″N 121°29′52″W / 38.583967°N 121.497667°W / 38.583967; -121.497667 (Old Folsom Powerhouse Station)
Old Sacramento
812 Old Sacramento Old Sacramento State Historic Park
38°34′58″N 121°30′12″W / 38.582778°N 121.503333°W / 38.582778; -121.503333 (Old Sacramento)
Original Sacramento Bee building
611 Original Sacramento Bee building Under N-bound offramp of I-5, W side of 3rd St between J and K Sts
608 Orleans Hotel Old Sacramento Historic District, 1018 2nd St.
610 Overton Building Old Sacramento State Historic Park, 2nd and J Sts.
613 Pioneer Congregational United Church of Christ 915 6th St.
612 Pioneer Mutual Volunteer Firehouse 200 ft NE of intersection of 3rd and J Sts
464 Prairie City Prairie City Rd, 500 ft N of State Hwy 50
38°38′37″N 121°09′26″W / 38.643717°N 121.1572°W / 38.643717; -121.1572 (Prairie City)
366 Pioneer Telegraph Station 1015-2nd St, Old Sacramento
38°34′57″N 121°30′15″W / 38.582574°N 121.504095°W / 38.582574; -121.504095 (Pioneer Telegraph Station)
934 Sacramento Assembly Center aka Camp Kohler Walerga Park
38°40′06″N 121°21′05″W / 38.668333°N 121.351317°W / 38.668333; -121.351317 (Sacramento Assembly Center aka Camp Kohler)
Sacramento Historic City Cemetery
566 Sacramento Historic City Cemetery Broadway and 10th Sts.
38°33′49″N 121°30′03″W / 38.5637°N 121.500783°W / 38.5637; -121.500783 (Sacramento Historic City Cemetery)
605 Sacramento Union Old Sacramento Historic District, 121 J St.
439 Sheldon Grist Mill Meiss Rd and Hwy 16
38°29′47″N 121°11′50″W / 38.496367°N 121.1973°W / 38.496367; -121.1973 (Sheldon Grist Mill)
598 Site of Stage and Railroad Old Sacramento State Historic Park
Sam Brannan House
604 Sam Brannan House Old Sacramento Historic District, 112 J. St.
575 Sloughhouse Meiss St & Hwy 16.
38°29′47″N 121°11′47″W / 38.496383°N 121.196383°W / 38.496383; -121.196383 (Sloughhouse)
991 State Indian Museum 2618 K St.
593 Sutterville Sutterville Rd, vicinity of Land Park Dr.
38°32′45″N 121°30′30″W / 38.545833°N 121.508333°W / 38.545833; -121.508333 (Sutterville)
591 Sutter's Landing 28th and C Sts.
38°34′53″N 121°27′57″W / 38.5815°N 121.465917°W / 38.5815; -121.465917 (Sutter's Landing)
780 First Transcontinental Railroad Old Sacramento State Historic Park, California State Railroad Museum
780 First Transcontinental Railroad - Western base of Sierra Nevada Haggin Oaks Municipal Golf Course, N side of clubhouse, 3645 Fulton Ave.
601 Western Hotel Parking lot, 200 ft NE of intersection of 2nd and K Sts.
597 What Cheer House Front and K Sts.
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