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Temporal range: Paleocene - Recent
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
(unranked): Carnivoramorpha

Carnivoramorpha are a clade of mammals that includes the modern order Carnivora. It is basal to the Carnivora but does not include the Creodonts, which are a separate order.

Classification & phylogeny

  • Superfamily †Miacoidea
    • Family †Miacidae
      • genera: Chailicyon, Eostictis, Ictognathus, Miacis, Miocyon, Oodectes, Palaearctonyx, Paramiacis, Paroodectes, Prodaphaemus, Quercygale, Tapocyon, Uintacyon, Vassacyon, Vulpavus, Xinyuictis, Ziphacodon
    • Family †Viverravidae
      • genera: Bryanictis, Didymictis, Ictidopappus, Mustelodon, Pristinictis, Protictis, Raphictis, Simpsonictis, Viverravus
  • Order Carnivora

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