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A cascade is

  • a small splashing waterfall that tumbles down a mountainside in a series of steps.
  • a series of musical notes.
  • a series of events which follow each other rapidly, each of which triggers the next.

Cascade may also mean:


North America


  • Cascade Mountain (Alberta), a mountain in the Bow River Valley of Banff National Park
  • Cascade, British Columbia, aka Cascade Falls, a ghost town

United States

Other U.S. locations
  • Cascade Highway (Washington), a portion of U.S. Route 2 through the northern Cascades in Washington
  • Cascade Highway (Oregon), a portion of Oregon Route 213 running from Silverton to Stayton in Oregon
  • Cascade Lakes, a collection of lakes in Oregon
  • Cascade Mountain (New York), a mountain in Essex County of New York
  • Cascade Park, a Lorain County Metropark in Elyria, Ohio
  • Cascade Pass, a mountain pass in Washington
  • Cascade Tunnel, a railroad tunnel near Everett, Washington
  • Shasta Cascade, a region of northern California


  • Cascade, Seychelles, a district in the Republic of Seychelles


  • Cascade National Park, a national park in New South Wales


Cascade, Rhymney Valley,


  • Ablation cascade, a possible catastrophic orbital event
  • Biochemical cascade, a consecutive series of chemical reactions
    • Complement cascade or Complement system, a biochemical cascade in the immune system
    • MAPK cascade, a process in the action of cancer genes
  • Cascade reaction, a consecutive series of chemical reactions within a molecule
  • Electron cascade or Electron avalanche, a process in physics
    • Quantum cascade laser, a unipolar semiconductor laser
  • Event cascade, a problem in event-driven computer programming
  • Informational cascade, an economic theory
  • Cascading failure, a failure in a system of interconnected parts
  • Cascade (chemical engineering), a series of chemical processes
  • Cascading rollback, multiple failure after a database rollback
  • Cascading Style Sheets specifying the appearance of web information
  • Fractional cascading, a data structuring technique for speeding up binary searches


  • Boise Cascade, an American pulp and paper company
  • Cascade Bicycle Club, a non-profit organization and advocacy group, Seattle, Washington
  • Cascade Brewery, a brewer in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
  • Cascade College, a private college in Portland, Oregon
  • Cascade Communications, a manufacturer of communications equipment
  • Cascade Corporation, a manufacturer of Material Handling Equipment in Portland, OR
  • Cascade Investments LLC, a private investments and holding company owned by Bill Gates
  • Cascade Limited, a subsidiary of Pacific Century Cyberworks (PCCW), a Hong Kong telecommunications company
  • Cascade Lacrosse, a sports manufacturer
  • Cascade Collegiate Conference, a sports conference in the western United States
  • Open CASCADE, a software development company with head office in France
  • CASCADE, an EU-funded research project, targeting health risks in food


  • Cascade (album), an album by folk rock band Capercaillie
  • "Cascade" (song), a single by Future Sound of London
  • Cascade (band), a Japanese Visual Kei band
  • Another name for German dance group Cascada


  • Cascade converter, a type of motor-generator
  • Cascade (juggling), a juggling pattern
  • Resonance cascade, the event that started "The Black Mesa Incident" in the Half-Life game series.
  • Cascade virus, a computer virus
  • USS Cascade (AD-16), a United States Navy destroyer tender
  • A variety of hops found in North America
  • Kemble's Cascade, a pattern of stars
  • A brand name of detergent by Procter & Gamble
  • A variety of Seibel grapes
  • Superencryption, or Cascading encryption, when an encrypted message is encrypted again

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