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Genre Adventure
Science fantasy
Created by Merlin P. Mann
Martin Rauff
Developed by Norman J. Grossfeld
Michael Haigney
Written by Michael Haigney
Jake Black
Mark Lickona
Alan Kingsberg
Voices of Jason Griffith
Darren Dunstan
Gary Mack
Rebecca Soler
Marc Thompson
Meredith Zeitlin
Theme music composer Matt McGuire
John Siegler
Ralph Schuckett
John Angier
Composer(s) Matt McGuire
Julian Harris
John Angier
Paul Rucker
Wayne Sharpe
Elik Alvarez
Ralph Schuckett
Freddy Sheinfeld
Louis Cortelezzi
Joel Douek
John Siegler
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of series 3
No. of episodes 79 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Norman J. Grossfeld
Alfred R. Kahn
Bryan C. Gannon
John T. Milito
Producer(s) Michael Haigney
Animator(s) Bardel Entertainment (season 1)
Dong Woo Animation (season 2–3)
Running time 20 minutes
Production company(s) Chaotic USA Entertainment Group
4Kids Entertainment
Distributor 4Kids Entertainment
Original network Cartoon Network/4Kids TV (United States)
Teletoon (Canada)
Original release October 7, 2006 (2006-10-07) – March 13, 2010 (2010-03-13)

Chaotic is an American animated science fantasy television series produced by 4Kids Entertainment. It was animated by Canadian studio Bardel Entertainment for season 1 and South Korean studio Dong Woo Animation for season 2 and 3. It is based on the Danish trading card game of the same name. Much of the plot is based on the original storyline of the Danish trading card game.


Chaotic tells the tale of a teenage boy named Tom and his friend Kaz. They both play the Chaotic Trading Card/Online Game. Kaz always tries to tell Tom about a secret code to play for real which Tom refuses to believe. While playing online Tom receives the special password. When he enters the password into his game scanner he is transported to a place called Chaotic that is able to take him to another world where the characters, locations and items in the card game came to life.

There are two parts to the Chaotic world, Chaotic itself and Perim. Chaotic is where the people play an advanced version of the card/online game where they transform into the creatures. The games can be watched via monitor by other players.

The second part is Perim. In Perim the creatures, locations and items from the game are real. Players from the Chaotic game can teleport into Perim and scan the locations, creatures and items with their scanners, gaining the ability to use them in their game. There are four tribes in Perim. Two tribes, the Overworld and the Underworld, have been at war over a great power called the Cothica. Despite their names, there is no definite good and evil tribe, as both have different stories and interpretations of how the war began, with each tribe seeing the other as being evil. The Danians and Mipedians have since joined the war, turning it into a four-way conflict over the Cothica. It is said that the Mipedians were once united with the Overworlders and the Danians united with the Underworlders. It is still unknown why they separated.

Both Chaotic and Perim are made up of a mysterious code called the "Chaotic Code". The code is noted for constantly changing in random ways. Thus, it is considered "chaotic." In Perim, the Chaotic Code describes everything. It contains the information for all the creatures, BattleGear, attacks, Mugic, and locations. The Cothica, mentioned above, is the source of all the codes in Perim. The code also describes everything in Chaotic. The BattleDromes, Transporters, and CodeScanners can analyze and/or modify this code for matches, transport, or creation of virtual cards.

When the players are in Chaotic/Perim they exist simultaneously on Earth. When a Chaotic player leaves Chaotic they become one person again and the Earth version of the player gains the memories of anything they experienced in the Chaotic/Perim world. This is awkward the first time they transport, as their online deck is blocked so that their Chaotic self can use it and their scanner becomes non-functional, causing many people to believe they have broke their scanners until they are re-united with their Chaotic self.


List of Chaotic episodes


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  • Tom Majors (a.k.a. MajorTom) - Mainly an OverWorld player, Tom Majors is the main protagonist of the series. He is subsequently shocked and overwhelmed by his first transportation to Chaotic, transforming into the Card Game Creatures and experiencing the battle "for real." However, Tom eventually overcomes his fear and is presented as a bold risk taker and thrill seeker, meeting the Creatures and exploring the locations in the dimensional world of Perim. Tom is honest, truthful and trustworthy and cares deeply for his friends. Even if his rarest and favorite cards are on the line. Tom's favorite and trademark card is Maxxor, the leader of Perim's Overworld. His name and username are a reference to Major Tom, the fictional astronaut from the David Bowie song, Space Oddity.
  • Kazdan "Kaz" Kalinkas (a.k.a. KidChaor) - Mainly an UnderWorld player, Kaz focuses on the game, becoming a better player and improving his battle skills and his collection. He tends to be more cautious and less adventurous; preferring to calculate the odds before taking a risk, unless rare Creatures, BattleGear, or Mugics are at stake. Kaz is usually aided by his Underworld friend H'earring who helps him locate desirable scans, usually at the price of some disgusting delicacies. Kaz frequently warns Tom about the dangers of Perim, but Tom usually ignores Kaz. Kaz's favorite and trademark card is Chaor, the leader of the Underworld.
  • Peyton (a.k.a. PeytonicMaster) - Peyton was introduced in the third episode of Chaotic when he won a battle against Tom. Mainly a Mipedian Player, Peyton is portrayed as a charismatic and eccentric Chaotic player. Peyton speaks in slang and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the game. His intense opinions, his appearance, his unorthodox style of battle and the way he expresses himself all lend themselves to comedy. He often tests unusual theories and strategies in battle, which, shockingly, lead to victory more often than not. He is also perfectly happy to show off cool new scans to his friends. Though he loves to win—especially with his Mipedian Creatures—Peyton will also battle using some of Perim's freakiest Creatures, just to have the experience of transforming into them and "feeling their vibes." While most Chaotic Players think that one tribe is better than the others, Peyton knows how to "look past the personalities and find the powers", though when he isn't testing out different creatures he prefers his Mipedian decks.
  • Sarah (a.k.a. ChaotiKween) - introduced in the second episode of Chaotic when she saves Tom's butt when he is tricked into going to lake Ken-I-Po in Perim. Mainly a Danian player, Sarah is the smart, feisty female of the group with intentions of speaking her mind. A fearless and shrewd Chaotic player, she is often in situations of stumbling into a fight with the boys and/or the other Players. On a few occasions, Sarah is shown to have enough courage when confronting a Creature who gets her angry and is often at the event of leading Tom, Peyton or Kaz to drag her out of danger. She is also known to be a hardcore Scanner, she will camp out for weeks just to get a rare scan. She is also very protective of the boys and is willing do anything to help them. Sarah is shown to have a close relationship with Tom. This is likely due to the fact that she was the first person he met in Perim and her introductory into the main character group.
  • Krystella and Klaybourne (a.k.a. Klayotic) - Krystella and Klay are a crafty team of pranksters who function as the main antagonists of the series. They met briefly after the series began. They are almost always together. The duo's favorite activity, besides battling in Chaotic, is sabotaging the lead characters. The duo are also known for doing anything to get scans, including striking deals with known evil Creatures even if the consequences mean trouble for others later. Klay is also known for attempting to scam new players out of their cards. Krystella and Klay are snobbish, conceited, rude and patronizing, and do anything to win, even listening in on players strategizing before their matches, though they stop just short of actual cheating. Klay is seen to have preferred using Lord Van Bloot over all his other cards.

Principal voice actors

  • Darren Dunstan - Kaz Kalinkas, Wamma, Ghatup
  • Jason Griffith - Tom Majors, Frafdo, Zhade
  • Gary Mack - Klay, Iparu
  • Rebecca Soler - Sarah
  • Marc Thompson - Peyton, Chaor, Najarin, H’Earring
  • Meredith Zeitlin - Krystella

Other voice actors

  • Mike Pollock - Tianne, Heptadd
  • Dan Green - Codemaster Imthor, Tangath Toborn, Tartarek
  • Marc Diraison - Codemaster Crellan
  • Sean Schemmel - Maxxor, Ulmar, Blazer, Marquis Darini
  • David Brimmer - Vidav
  • David Zen Mansley - Lord Van Bloot, Rhaden
  • Kevin Kolack - Khybon, additional voices
  • Eva Christensen - Takinom
  • Christopher C. Adams
  • Maddie Blaustein
  • Joshua Briggs
  • Greg Abbey - Sobtjek
  • Shawn Curran
  • Wayne Grayson
  • Britton Herring
  • Rebecca Honig
  • Jesse Hooker
  • Matt Hoverman
  • Allyson Johnson
  • David Lapkin
  • Rachael Lillis - Intress, Deehna
  • Corey Manuel
  • Cassandra Lee Morris
  • Suzy Myers
  • Lisa Ortiz
  • Ted Lewis
  • Andrew Rannells
  • Tony Salerno
  • Michael Sinterniklaas
  • Eric Stuart
  • McNeil Taylor
  • Veronica Taylor - Quadore, Ajara, Skithia
  • Tom Wayland
  • David Wills - Raznus
  • Brian Wilson
  • Max Wortendyke
  • Stuart Zagnit
  • Oliver Wyman - Agitos, Odu-Bathax, Tartawrecker

The voice director for the series was Darren Dunstan.


A short preview was shown on 4Kids TV on September 30, 2006 at 10:30 AM ET. The show officially premiered on October 7, 2006 at 10:30 AM ET. 4Kids Entertainment plans to "roll out the storyline over seven years", implying there were seven seasons planned for the television series. A second season, called Chaotic: M'arillian Invasion, began airing in September 2008 on 4Kids TV. While season 1 used flash animation, the M'arillian Invasion season is animated in traditional animation. Jetix (U.S.) bought the cable rights to the show and began airing it daily at 7:00 AM on October 1, 2007. The Secrets of Lost City season is animated in traditional animation, like the previous season.

Digital cable providers Comcast Cable, Cox Communications and Bresnan Communications premiered four new episodes in February 2008 on 4KidsTV's Video On Demand.

Teletoon and The CW4Kids air most of the premiere episodes for their respective countries. The CW4Kids premieres began in February 2009 with M'arillian Invasion episode 14, while Teletoon began airing the second season in January 2009. Cartoon Network took over premieres for the final seven M'arrillian Invasion episodes in the U.S. in August 2009, but The CW4Kids regained the premieres when the third series- Secrets of the Lost City started on Halloween 2009 where the rest of the series would then have its premieres simultaneously on both Cartoon Network and The CW4Kids. Toon Disney aired the show on Jetix. On February 13, 2009, Jetix along with Toon Disney merged into a new network called Disney XD (a new channel similar in scope to Jetix). The Jetix brand no longer existed in the United States, but series 1, the original Chaotic, continued to air on Disney XD. Cartoon Network acquired the rights for the second and third seasons and began airing them and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's in June 2009. By airing the second season straight through, CW was able to premiere episodes before CW4Kids. The series finale aired on March 13, 2010, but the show continued to air on Cartoon Network and Disney XD until 2011.

In 2019, the owner of Chaotic, Bryan Gannon, announced in an interview his plans to revive the television series. The series would not be a reboot, but instead pick up where it left off from “Son of the Spiritlands“, similar to the Samurai Jack season 5 revival.

Video game

Chaotic: Shadow Warriors is a 2009 action video game based on the TV series. It was released in North America on November 10, 2009 on the PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS.

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