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The Church of Christ with the Elijah Message is a Mormon religious movement. In addition to the Book of Mormon, the group bases itself on 117 messages received by resurrected John the Baptist.

Main differences to other Mormon movements

  • They call the book of Mormon "The Record of the Nephites" and only accept the first edition of 1830
  • They call themselves "Christians", and not "Saints"
  • The movement sees itself as led by Christ. Worldly affairs are led by a college of elders, and not a president
  • There are no "spititual marriages" that last for eternity
  • There are no baptisms of the dead
  • There are no secret rituals
  • They reject the idea that god develops to become a higher being

The Church of Christ with Elijah Message accepts all the messages as given by John the Baptist to Otto Fetting and W.A Draves unlike the other movements. It believes that the Gospel is complete by the three books namely; The Record of the Nephites, The word of the Lord brought to mankind by an Angel and the Bible (King James version).

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