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"Circle Circle Dot Dot"
Single by Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone
from the album Blowin' Up
Released 2006
Recorded 2006
Genre Comedy hip hop, dirty rap
Length 3:16
Label JKSS Records
Songwriter(s) Almos/Eisenstein
Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone singles chronology
"Rollin' with Saget"
"Circle Circle Dot Dot"

"Circle Circle Dot Dot" is a single by Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone. It is the second single from their rap album Blowin' Up and is the first track on the album.


The song derives from an American children's playground song, "circle circle, dot dot", that supposedly serves to immunize a child from the affliction of cooties. The words are as follows:

Circle, circle.
Dot, dot.
Now you got your cootie shot.

The words circle and dot are accompanied by the corresponding shape meaning in the shape of two circles with dots in the middle being traced (or, in some cases, drawn with a pen or marker) on the recipient's hand or arm. If the cootie shot was self-administered, "you" and "your" may be substituted with "I" and "my". In some areas a self-administered shot is not considered effective (the "shot" is considered to have been already infected with cooties).

There are also several variations:

Circle circle,
knife knife.
Now you got your shot for life.
Circle, circle.
Square, square.
Now you have it everywhere. (Or "Now it will stay there.")
Circle, circle.
Line, line.
Now you have it all the time. (Or "Now I'm protected all the time.")


Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone have a Circle Circle Dot Dot video on YouTube and on Jamie Kennedy's Myspace. They also produced a YouTube production of the film.

Australian YouTuber Blunty3000 (Nate Burr) won the music video contest held by Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone which asked users to submit their own homemade music videos. His LEGO stop motion (also called brickfilm) version of the video was on the front page.[1]

An official video was commissioned by Jamie and Stu's parent record label Warner Bros. Records in Fall of 2006. The video was a parody of the classic 1980s Wham! video for Wake Me Up Before You Go Go. The video was completed however never released due to conflicts between Jamie and Stu and Warner Bros., coupled with the success of the viral LEGO video they already had.

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