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Clostridium botulinum.jpg
Clostridium botulinum
Scientific classification e
Domain: Bacteria
Phylum: Firmicutes
Class: Clostridia
Rainey 2010
  • Clostridiales
    • Caldicoprobacteraceae
    • Catabacteriaceae
    • Christensenellaceae
    • Clostridiaceae
    • Defluviitaleaceae
    • Eubacteriaceae
    • Gracilibacteraceae
    • Heliobacteriaceae
    • Hungateiclostridiaceae
    • Lachnospiraceae
    • Oscillospiraceae
    • Peptococcaceae
    • Peptostreptococcaceae
    • Proteinivoraceae
    • Ruminococcaceae
    • Symbiobacteriaceae
    • Syntrophomonadaceae
    • Vallitaleaceae
  • Halanaerobiales
    • Halanaerobiaceae
    • Halobacteroidaceae
  • Natranaerobiales
    • Natranaerobiaceae
  • Thermoanaerobacteriales
    • Thermoanaerobacteraceae
    • Thermodesulfobiaceae
  • "Ca. Borkfalkiales"
    • "Ca. Borkfalkiaceae"

The Clostridia are a class of Firmicutes, including Clostridium and other similar genera.

The Clostridia are obligate anaerobes. They lack aerobic respiration, and oxygen is toxic to them. Species of the genus Clostridium are all Gram-positive and can form spores.

Studies show they are not a monophyletic group. In fact, they are highly polyphyletic. Their relationships are not certain. Most are put in the Clostridiales, but is not a natural group. It is likely to be redefined in the future.

Most species of the genus Clostridium are saprophytic organisms found in many places, most notably the soil. However, the genus does contain some human pathogens. The toxins produced by some members of the Clostridium genus are among the most dangerous known. Examples are tetanus toxin (known as tetanospasmin) produced by C. tetani and botulinum toxin produced by C. botulinum.

Notable species of this class include:

Heliobacteria are also members of the class Clostridia.

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