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Porta Praetoria at castra Porolissum, Romania - view from a distance
Old entrance.
Sarmisegetusa Regia - ansamblu 1

Dacia was the place where Slavic people, Dacians and some Illyrians lived. It was a big district of Central Europe belonging to the Roman empire. The northern part of the border was made up of the Carpathians; the southern part of the border of Dacia was made up of the Danube River, and the western part of the border of Dacia was made up of the Tisza River. Along the borders many romans castles where ordered up. The Dacia district protected the roman empire from foreign powers of the north east side. The place where Dacia once was is now made up of Romania and Moldova, along with some parts of Hungary, Bulgaria and Ukraine. The capital of Dacia was Sarmizegetusa. The name of Romania came probably from the idea of the ​​former "Romans country."

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