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Deborah Sampson
Born December 17, 1760

Plympton, Massachusetts, USA

Died April 29, 1827

Sharon, Massachusetts, USA

Spouse Benjamin Gannett
Children Earl, Mary, Patience

Deborah Sampson was a woman that dressed as a man, so that she could join the American soldiers in the Revolutionary War. (The Revolutionary War was a war between Great Britain and the Thirteen Original colonies.) Deborah Sampson came from a poor family. She worked as an indentured servant from the age of eight to the age of eighteen. She worked for no pay for a family, but that family let her study with and spend time with their sons.

Sampson wanted to serve in the war against the British, but the American Army would only take men. She dressed as a man; and she got into the Continental Army. She even fooled her own mother.

She served in the Army for a little more than a year. [1] She got hurt in a battle. She got hit by swords and guns. After the war she got a very bad fever. The doctor that cared for her found out that she was a woman. He told her that she would have to leave the army and go home.

Yet, she re-entered the war. On the other hand, her doctor gave her a letter to take to General George Washington when she got better. Washington gave her a letter that said that she had to leave. But the letter said that she served in the war with honor.

She later got married. She worked as a teacher. She also spoke in public about her experiences in the war.

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  • Alma Bond and Lucy Freeman, America's First Woman Warrior: The Courage of Deborah Sampson

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