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Dimple Creek
Lake Towhee reflection.jpg
Light reflecting off Lake Towhee
pushpin map showing location of Dimple Creek
pushpin map showing location of Dimple Creek
Dimple Creek
Other name(s) Kimples Creek
Country United States
State Pennsylvania
County Bucks
Township Haycock
Physical characteristics
Main source 520 feet (160 m)
40°30′40″N 75°15′22″W / 40.51111°N 75.25611°W / 40.51111; -75.25611
River mouth 456 feet (139 m)
40°27′19″N 75°16′36″W / 40.45528°N 75.27667°W / 40.45528; -75.27667
Length 3.89 miles (6.26 km)
Basin features
Progression Dimple Creek → Tohickon CreekDelaware RiverDelaware Bay
River system Delaware River
Basin size 7.33 square miles (19.0 km2)
Landmarks Haycock Mountain
Waterbodies Lake Towhee
Bridges Stoney Garden Road
East Sawmill Road
Deerwood Lane
Roudenbush Road
East Thatcher Road

Dimple Creek (Kimples Creek) is a tributary of the Tohickon Creek in Haycock Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania in the United States. It is part of the Delaware River watershed.


Dimple Creek's GNIS identification number is 1173286, its Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources identification number is 03174. It has a watershed of 7.33 square miles (19.0 km2), and meets it confluence at Tohickon Creek's 19.90 river mile. Dimple Creek flows through Lake Towhee.


Dimple Creek rises at an elevation of 520 feet (160 m) in the northern part of Haycock Township from an unnamed pond west northwest of Little Haycock Mountain. Flowing south, it receives a tributary from the left bank, then flows into Lake Towhee a lake formed by a dam in the creek. From there it flows to the southwest to its confluence with the Tohickon at the Levi Sheard Mill at an elevation of 456 feet (139 m). The stream is 3.89 miles (6.26 km), which results in an average slope of 16.45 feet per mile (3.35 meters per kilometer).


Dimple Creek lies in an intrusion of magma into the local Brunswick Formation in the Newark Lowland section or rock, part of the Piedmont Province of the Appalchian Highlands Division. About 200 million years ago, about the time of the Jurassic and the Triassic, the magma intruded an cooled to form diabase consisting of labradorite and augite, very highly resistant to erosion.

Crossings and Bridges

Crossing NBI Number Length Lanes Spans Material/Design Built Reconstructed Latitude Longitude
Stoney Garden Road - - - - - - - - -
East Sawmill Road 7464 7 metres (23 ft) 1 1 Steel stringer/multi-beam or girder 1937 - 40°29'18.5"N 75°15'21.2"W
Deerwood Lane 7449 7 metres (23 ft) 1 1 Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder 1971 - 40°29'7.4"N 75°15'36.23"W
Roudenbush Road 7579 9 metres (30 ft) 1 1 Steel stringer/nulti-beam or girder 1930 - 40°28'15.1"N 75°16'3.2"W
East Thatcher Road 7414 17 metres (56 ft) 2 1 Prestressed concrete box beam or girders - single or spread 1972 - 40°27'32.3"N 75°16'33.2"W
Goose in Lake Towhee
Goose paddling in Lake Towhee in the Autumn of 2016.
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