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Enfield may refer to:


In Australia:

In Canada:

In England:

  • London Borough of Enfield, a borough in London since 1965, that includes:
    • Enfield Chase
    • Enfield Highway
    • Enfield Lock
    • Enfield Town
      • Enfield-chantry school, chantry school in Enfield from circa 1398–1558, and the predecessor of Enfield Grammar School
      • Enfield Grammar School, boys' secondary school, established 1558
      • Enfield County School, girls' comprehensive school, established 1909
      • Enfield F.C., original football club based in Enfield, London, founded in 1893, was succeeded by Enfield 1893 F.C. in 2007
      • Enfield 1893 F.C., a non-league football club formed in 2007 which played in Ware, Broxbourne, Goldsdown Road and Harlow
      • Enfield Town F.C., a non-league football club based in Enfield, London
      • Enfield Poltergeist, an apparent poltergeist activity, 1977 to 1980
    • Enfield Wash
    • Enfield East (UK Parliament constituency)
    • Enfield West (UK Parliament constituency)
    • Enfield North (UK Parliament constituency)
    • Enfield Southgate (UK Parliament constituency)
    • Enfield (UK Parliament constituency), the former parliamentary seat, since redrawn
    • Municipal Borough of Enfield, the former borough, since enlarged
  • Enfield Cricket Club, a Lancashire League cricket team
  • Enfield, Worcestershire, a district of Redditch

In Ireland:

  • Enfield, County Meath

In the United States:


  • Enfield revolver
  • Lee–Enfield magazine rifle
  • M1917 Enfield rifle
  • Pattern 1853 Enfield rifle musket
  • Royal Small Arms Factory Enfield
  • Snider–Enfield, a breech-loading rifle


  • Enfield (surname), list of people with this name

Other uses

  • Enfield (heraldry)
  • Royal Enfield, the brand of the Enfield Cycle Company, an English engineering company which made motorcycles
  • Enfield Automotive
    • Enfield 8000
  • Enfield Tennis Academy, a fictional Boston-area sports academy in David Foster Wallace's novel Infinite Jest

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