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Enterprise (occasionally used with the archaic spelling Enterprize) may refer to:



  • HMS Enterprise, any of fifteen ships of the British Royal Navy (four others did not use the HMS prefix)
  • USS Enterprise, any of several ships of the United States Navy including (see List of ships of the United States Navy named Enterprise):
    • USS Enterprise (CV-6) (1936) Yorktown-class aircraft carrier, and the most decorated US Navy ship
    • USS Enterprise (CVN-65) (1961), the world's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier
    • USS Enterprise (CVN-80) (2025), a Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier scheduled to be constructed
  • Enterprise (1776), a ship of the Continental Navy during the American Revolution
  • Enterprise (1814), a privately owned steamboat captained by Henry Miller Shreve
  • Enterprise (slave ship), an American merchant ship forced by weather into Bermuda in 1835, resulting in the liberation of most of the 78 slaves on board.
  • Enterprize (1829), Australian topsail schooner used for the founding of Melbourne, Australia
    • Enterprize Replica, a replica of the 1829 Enterprize
  • Enterprise (1855), a 19th-century steamer on the Columbia and Fraser rivers in Northwest America
  • Enterprise (1862), pioneer sternwheeler on the upper Fraser River
  • Enterprise (sternwheeler 1863), a steamboat that operated on the Willamette River, in Oregon, United States
  • Enterprise, a sailing ship caught in a storm off St. Ives, Cornwall in 1903
  • SS Flying Enterprise, built in 1944 and originally commissioned as the SS Cape Kumukaki (C1-B)
  • London Enterprise, an oil tanker built for London & Overseas Freighters in 1950 and scrapped c. 1974
  • London Enterprise, a Panamax oil tanker built for London & Overseas Freighters in 1983
  • Enterprise (dinghy), a class of sailing dinghy
  • Discoverer Enterprise, deepwater drillship that gives its name to the Enterprise class of large drillships
  • Enterprise (yacht), J-class yacht involved in the America's Cup


  • Enterprise (balloon), a hot air balloon used by the Union Army during the American Civil War
  • Goodyear L class blimp Enterprise, World War II US Navy designation L-5


  • Space Shuttle Enterprise
  • VSS Enterprise, the inaugural vessel of the Virgin Galactic suborbital tourism fleet
  • IXS Enterprise, NASA Concept "Warp" ship

In fiction

Star Trek
  • Star Trek: Enterprise, also Enterprise, a television series running 2001–2005
  • Starship Enterprise, any of several ships by that name in the Star Trek fictional universe
    • Enterprise (NX-01), the main setting of Star Trek: Enterprise
    • USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), the main setting of the original Star Trek television series and several Star Trek films
    • USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A), the main setting of the fifth and sixth Star Trek films
    • USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-B), launched at the start of Star Trek: Generations
    • USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-C), appears in the Star Trek: Next Generation episode "Yesterday's Enterprise"
    • USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D), the main setting of Star Trek: The Next Generation
    • USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E), the main setting for the films Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, and Star Trek Nemesis
    • USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-F), a non-player ship of the Star Trek Online Massive Multiplayer Roleplaying Video Game
    • USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-J), appears in the episode of Star Trek: Enterprise "Azati Prime" in the 26th century
  • Enterprise, a ship in the game Final Fantasy III
  • Enterprise, an airship in the game Final Fantasy IV
  • Enterprise, a starship in H. Beam Piper's novel Space Viking
  • Enterprise, the title ship in the 1959–1961 television series Riverboat


  • Enterprise (computer), an 8-bit home computer of the 1980s from the UK, also known as Flan and Elan
  • Enterprise software, business-oriented computer application/software
  • Enterprise storage, computer data storage products for large business customers
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP), an information-technology term referring to a hardware or software system that serves all departments within an enterprise
  • Windows 8 Enterprise, a marketing edition of the Windows 8 operating system

Geographic locations

United States


  • Enterprise, Northwest Territories, a hamlet
  • Enterprise, a hamlet in the township of Stone Mills, Ontario
  • Enterprise No. 142, Saskatchewan, a rural municipality


  • Enterprise, Guyana, a village


  • Enterprise (ride), an amusement ride
  • Enterprise (train service), an inter-city train service between Belfast and Dublin
  • Enterprise Records, a record label
  • USS Enterprise (BLDG 7115), a U.S. Navy Recruit Barracks named in honor of the Navy's Enterprise ships

See also

  • Entreprise, a variant spelling and the name of a sailing vessel
  • Entreprenant, the French word for Enterprising and the name of several sailing vessels
  • Free enterprise (disambiguation)

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