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God of the Earth and the Harvest
Symbol barley, goose, bull, viper
Personal information
Consort Nut, Tefnut, Renenutet (some sources)
Offspring Osiris, Isis, Set, Nephthys, Heru-ur, Nehebkau (some sources)
Parents Shu and Tefnut
Siblings Nut
Greek equivalent Cronus

In Egyptian mythology, Geb was the god of the earth. Geb was the husband and brother of the sky goddess Nut and the father of Osiris, Isis, Nephthys, Horus the Elder, and Seth. When Seth and Horus (Osiris' son) fought to become the king of Egypt, Geb made Horus the ruler of the living. Geb's parents are Tefnut and Shu.

Geb's name means "weak one" or "lame one". Geb is also god of vegetation, and his other names are Seb, Keb, Kebb, Qeb, and Sebb.

Geb is sometimes equivalent to Greek titan Kronos.


According to the myth, Geb and his sister Nut clutched each other tightly at birth. Their father, Shu, tried to separate them. That explains why the earth and the sky are separated from each other.

Geb then married Nut and from their union the sun was born.

Geb and Nut had five children. Their names were Osiris, Isis, Nephthys, Horus and Seth.


Geb and Nut02
Geb (Earth), Nut (sky) and Shu (god) (air), the gods of universe

Geb was mainly worshiped during periods of harvest because the Egyptians believed that he allowed crops to grow. He played an important role in the journey of the soul after death, so the Egy[tians worshiped him in periods of mourning.

Heliopolis is known as the center of Geb’s worship.

Physical appearance

Geb was depicted as a man wearing the crown of the North and other times he wore the crown of the South of Egypt. Geb also sometimes wore a white crown or a goose on his head, representing the earth. Geb held a staff in his left hand and in his right hand he usually held an ankh, which is the hieroglyph that meant life. Not only did Geb wear a goose on top of his head but sometimes his head would be covered by a goose's head.


Geb had many names which were Geb, Gebb, Seb, Sebb, Keb, and Kebb.

Interesting facts about Geb

  • The ancient Egyptians believed that earthquakes were Geb's laughter. That is why he was also named the Great Cackler.
  • The animals of Geb are a snake and a goose (a goose is sometimes depicted on Geb's head).
  • Just like other gods, Geb was very strong and could live a long time. To show his powers for making life from the earth, Geb is sometimes drawn with flowers coming out of his elbow.
  • Geb’s skin was sometimes green, representing the Nile River or black representing rich soil for vegetation.
  • In later times Geb could be depicted as a ram, a bull or a crocodile.

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