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Greenmount Motte
Móta Dhruim Chatha
Greenmount motte-and-bailey, Co. Louth - - 1772463.jpg
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Location Greenmount, Castlebellingham,
County Louth, Ireland
Region Dee Valley
Coordinates 53°52′41″N 6°23′09″W / 53.877999°N 6.385855°W / 53.877999; -6.385855
Type motte
Area 0.7 ha (1.7 acres)
Height 12 metres (39 ft)
Material earth
Founded 12th/13th century
Periods Norman Ireland
Cultures Cambro-Norman, Old English
Associated with Normans
Site notes
Excavation dates 1830 and 1870
Archaeologists Rev. Joseph Dullaghan, John Henry Lefroy
Public access yes
National Monument of Ireland
Official name Greenmount motte
Reference no. 144

Greenmount Motte is a motte and National Monument in County Louth, Ireland.


Greenmount Motte is located 2.9 km (1.8 mi) west of Annagassan, overlooking the Dee Valley.

History and archaeology

Motte-and-bailey castles were a primitive type of castle built after the Norman invasion, a mound of earth topped by a wooden palisade and tower.

The motte at Greenmount was formerly known as Droim Chatha ("Battle Ridge", Anglicised Dromcath or Drumcath). A Nicholas of Drumcath (Nicholaus de Dromcath) is mentioned in a documents of 1310 and 1328.

The foundations of an elongated chamber (1.5 × 1 m in size, 5.5 m below the summit) are visible in the bailey.

A scabbard-mount with runic inscriptions (DOMNAL SELSHOFOTH A SOERTH THETA, "Domnal Seal's-head owned this sword") was found in excavation, but it believed to be long pre-Norman, indicating that the motte was constructed on the site of an earlier tumulus. Also found were animal bones, charcoal, burnt earth, a bronze axe and a bone harp peg with friction marks.

Greenmount was a camp ground for Catholic Irish forces in the Irish Rebellion of 1641. It was excavated in 1830, causing a cave-in, and again in 1870.

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