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Time zones of Europe
Time zones of Europe in relation to UTC:
blue Western European Time (UTC+0)
Western European Summer Time (UTC+1)
light blue Western European Time (UTC+0)
red Central European Time (UTC+1)
Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)
yellow Eastern European Time (UTC+2)
Eastern European Summer Time (UTC+3)
orange Kaliningrad Time (UTC+3)
green Further-eastern European Time (UTC+3),
a.k.a. Moscow Time
Light colours indicate countries that do not observe summer time.

Greenwich Mean Time is an internationally standard time format. It is the main time zone in several countries, including the United Kingdom and Portugal.

It is similar to UTC, however there are some small differences between the two. Including that the Greenwich uses a straight line to signal the Time Zone, while in the UTC you can put which time zone you want, even if it does not need this time zone. One example is China, which uses one same time zone, meaning that in some places like Beijing 12:00 PM can be 3:00PM on the western part of the country.

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