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Halifax (demonym Haligonian) may refer to:




British Columbia
  • Halifax Range, a mountain range
Nova Scotia
  • Halifax (electoral district), a federal electoral district since Confederation
  • Halifax Regional Municipality, capital of Nova Scotia, established in 1996, which includes:
  • Halifax Stanfield International Airport, built in Enfield in 1960
  • Halifax West, a federal electoral district since 1979
Prince Edward Island
  • Halifax Parish, Prince Edward Island

United Kingdom

United States


Music and television

  • Halifax f.p., an Australian television drama series
  • Halifax (band), an American rock band
  • The Halifax III, a 1960s Canadian folk music band


  • Halifax Regiment (Duke of Wellington's)
  • Handley Page Halifax, a British bomber plane during World War II
  • Halifax-class frigate, of the Canadian Navy
    • HMCS Halifax, the name of two Canadian naval vessels
    • HMCS Halifax (FFH 330), the lead ship of the Halifax class
    • HMCS Halifax (K237), a World War II Flower class corvette for convoy escort duties
  • HMS Halifax, the name of several Royal Navy ships
    • HMS Halifax (1756), a 22-gun sloop launched in 1756 and captured by the French in the same year at Oswego
    • HMS Halifax (1768), a 10-gun schooner originally built for merchant service at Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1765. Purchased in 1768 by the British Royal Navy and wrecked in 1775
    • HMS Halifax (1775), a schooner purchased in 1775 and sold 1780
    • HMS Halifax (1780), an 18-gun sloop, originally called the USS Ranger, renamed after the ship was captured from the United States Navy on 11 May 1780, and sold in 1781
    • HMS Halifax (1782), a 10-gun schooner purchased in 1782 and sold in 1784
    • HMS Halifax (1806), an 18-gun sloop launched in 1806 at Halifax, Nova Scotia and broken up in 1814



  • William Halifax, Lord Stirling (1786–1871)
  • Joan Halifax (born 1942), Zen Buddhist roshi


  • Marquess of Halifax, a British title created once
    • George Savile, 1st Marquess of Halifax (1633–1695)
  • Earl of Halifax, a British title created four times and held by, among others:
    • Charles Montagu, 1st Earl of Halifax (1661–1715)
    • George Montagu, 1st Earl of Halifax (1685–1739)
    • George Montague-Dunk, 2nd Earl of Halifax (1716–1771)
    • Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax (1800–1885)
    • Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax (1839–1934)
    • E. F. L. Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax (1881–1959) (created Earl of Halifax in 1944)
    • Charles Wood, 2nd Earl of Halifax (1912–1980)
    • Charles Wood, 3rd Earl of Halifax (1944- )


  • John Halifax, central character of John Halifax, Gentleman, 1856 novel



  • Halifax College, a college of the University of York, England
  • Halifax Explosion, a 1917 explosion in Halifax, Nova Scotia caused by a ship collision
  • Halifax Gibbet, an early guillotine

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