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Harshen/Halshen Hausa, هَرْشَن هَوْسَ
Native to Niger and Nigeria
Region West Africa
Ethnicity Hausa
Native speakers 80 million  (2015–2016)e21
20 million as a second language (no date)
Language family
Writing system Latin (Boko alphabet)
Arabic (Ajami)
Hausa Braille
Official status
Official language in  Niger (national status)
 Nigeria (national status)
 Ghana (national status)
Linguasphere 19-HAA-b
Hausa language map.png
Areas of Niger and Nigeria where Hausa people are based

Hausa (/ˈhsə/; Harshen/Halshen Hausa) is a Chadic language. It was first spoken in Southern Niger and Northern Nigeria. Now many other people in West Africa speak it. It is the most widely spoken Chadic language, with around 47 million people speaking it as a first language.

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