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  • Queen of Heaven
Ishtar on an Akkadian seal.jpg
Goddess Ishtar on an Akkadian Empire seal, 2350–2150 BC. She is equipped with weapons on her back, has a horned helmet, and is trampling a lion held on a leash.
Abode Heaven
Planet Venus
Symbol hook-shaped knot of reeds, eight-pointed star, lion, rosette, dove
Personal information
Consort Dumuzid the Shepherd and many unnamed others, Baal
Children usually none, but sometimes Lulal and/or Shara
  • Uruk tradition: An and an unknown mother
  • Isin tradition: Nanna and Ningal
  • Other traditions: Enlil and an unknown mother
    or Enki and an unknown mother
  • Ereshkigal (older sister) and Utu-Shamash (twin brother)
  • In some later traditions: Ishkur/Hadad (brother)
  • In Hittite mythology: Teshub (brother)
Greek equivalent Aphrodite, Athena
Roman equivalent Venus, Minerva
Canaanite equivalent Astoreth
Babylonian equivalent Ishtar

Inanna is the goddess of love, beauty, desire, war and political power in Sumerian mythology; she is more commonly known as "Ishtar", the name under which she was worshipped by the Akkadians, Babylonians, and Assyrians. Known as the "Queen of Heaven", Innana was one of the most popular deities in Sumerian religion, with the city of Uruk being the center of her cult. Her symbols included the lion, dove and the eight-pointed star.

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