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Kempo (建保 ) was a Japanese era name (年号, nengō, lit. year name) after Kenryaku and before Jōkyū. This period started in December 1213 and ended in April 1219. The reigning emperor was Juntoku-tennō (順徳天皇).

Events of the Kempo era

  • 1213 (Kempo 1, 1st day of the 1st month): There was an earthquake at Kamakura.
  • 1213 (Kempo 1, 11th month): Fujiwara no Teika, also known as Fujiwara no Sadeie offered a collection of 8th century poems to Shogun Sanetomo. These poems were collectively known as the Man'yōshū.
  • 1214 (Kempo 2, 2nd month): Shogun Sanetomoand the Buddhist priest Eisai drank tea, together.
  • 1214 (Kempo 2, 3rd month): The emperor went to Kasuga.
  • 1214 (Kempo 2, 4th month): Enryaku-ji was burned; and Sanetomo paid for repairs.
  • 1215 (Kempo 3, 1st month): Hōjō Tokimasa died at age 78 in the mountains of Izu Province.
  • 1215 (Kempo 3, 6th month): Eisai died at age 75.
  • 1215 (Kempo 3, 8th-9th months): There were many earthquakes in the Kamakura area.
  • 1217 (Kempo 5, 8th-9th months): The emperor visited the Shrines at Hirano and at Ōharano near Kyoto.

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