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Dryandra sessilis 2 cape Naturaliste email
Inflorescence of Banksia sessilis (parrotbush), a species in Banksia ser. Dryandra

Banksia ser. Dryandra is a large series in the plant genus Banksia. It was treated at genus rank as Dryandra until 2007, when molecular evidence of paraphyly presented by Austin Mast and Kevin Thiele, the genus Dryandra was sunk into Banksia as a series within B. subg. Banksia.

Before 2007, 94 Dryandra species were recognised. In the transfer into Banksia, D. prionotes was overlooked, and B. subulata (awled honeypot) was transferred incertae sedis rather than in B. ser. Dryandra. D. prionotes has since been transferred into Banksia as Banksia prionophylla, but it was not explicitly placed in B. ser. Dryandra. The series therefore now consists of 92 species.

This is a list of Banksia ser. Dryandra species:

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