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List of National Natural Landmarks in Alabama facts for kids

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There are seven National Natural Landmarks in the U.S. state of Alabama.

Name Image Date Location County Ownership Description
1 Beaverdam Creek Swamp May 1974 Madison
34°37′30″N 86°49′37″W / 34.625°N 86.82694°W / 34.625; -86.82694 (Beaver Creek Swamp)
Limestone federal (Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge) A tupelo gum swamp in an unusual inland location.
2 Cathedral Caverns Cathedral Caverns in Grant, Alabama.jpg June 1972 Grant
34°34′24″N 86°13′20″W / 34.57333°N 86.22222°W / 34.57333; -86.22222 (Cathedral Caverns)
Jackson state A 11,000 feet (3,400 m) long cave which includes Goliath, a 45 feet (14 m) stalagmite.
3 Dismals Canyon Rainbow-Falls Dismals-Canyon.jpg May 1974 Hackleburg
34°19′31″N 87°46′54″W / 34.32528°N 87.78167°W / 34.32528; -87.78167 (Dismals Canyon)
Franklin private This sandstone gorge is one of few places worldwide where the dismalites (Orfelia fultoni) gather. Their bioluminescent glow can be seen on night tours in this 85-acre (340,000 m2) natural conservatory.
4 Mobile Tensaw River Bottom Lands Bottle Creek.jpg May 1974 Spanish Fort
30°45′15″N 87°56′32″W / 30.75417°N 87.94222°W / 30.75417; -87.94222 (Mobile Tensaw River Bottom Lands)
Baldwin, Mobile, and Washington mixed- federal, state, & private The second largest river delta in the US, this 260,000-acre (1,100 km2) site has a wide range of habitats and wildlife. The 200-mile (320 km) Bartam Canoe Trail goes through the delta.
5 Newsome Sinks Karst Area Newsome Sinks in Morgan County, Alabama.jpg November 1973 Union Hill
34°26′27″N 86°35′50″W / 34.44083°N 86.59722°W / 34.44083; -86.59722 (Newsome Sinks Karst Area)
Morgan private An area hollowed out by more than 40 caves, with over 50,000 feet (15,000 m) of known passages.
6 Red Mountain Expressway Cut Red Mountain Expressway Cut.jpg November 1987 Birmingham
33°29′44″N 86°47′18″W / 33.49556°N 86.78833°W / 33.49556; -86.78833 (Red Mountain Expressway Cut)
Jefferson municipal (City of Birmingham) Part of Red Mountain Park, this expressway cut through Red Mountain and exposes a rich view into geological history.
7 Shelta Cave Shelta Cave in Huntsville, Alabama.jpg October 1971 Huntsville
34°45′13″N 86°36′38″W / 34.75361°N 86.61056°W / 34.75361; -86.61056 (Shelta Cave)
Madison private This underground cave was a dance hall before it became the home of the National Speleological Society There are over nine species of cave dwelling animals that were first discovered here.
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