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List of Native American archaeological sites on the National Register of Historic Places in Pennsylvania facts for kids

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This is a list of Native American archaeological sites on the National Register of Historic Places in Pennsylvania.

Historic sites in the United States qualify to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places by passing one or more of four different criteria; Criterion D permits the inclusion of proven and potential archaeological sites. Approximately one hundred different sites in Pennsylvania are listed under this criterion, including both Native American and European sites. This list includes all properties in Pennsylvania that qualify under Criterion D due to the presence of Native American artifacts.


Landmark name Image Location County Culture Comments
1 Archeological Site 36 LY 37 Canfield Island 2.jpg Loyalsock Township: coextensive with Canfield Island
41°14′32″N 76°57′11″W / 41.24222°N 76.95306°W / 41.24222; -76.95306 (Archeological Site 36 LY 37)
Lycoming Multiple: Late Archaic through Susquehannock
2 Big and Little Indian Rock Petroglyphs Conestoga Township: in the Susquehanna River, south of Safe Harbor
39°55′15″N 76°23′5″W / 39.92083°N 76.38472°W / 39.92083; -76.38472 (Big and Little Indian Rock Petroglyphs)
Lancaster Unknown
3 Book Site (36 Jul) Book Site from the road.jpg Beale Township: off Legislative Route 3019
40°28′44.5″N 77°30′2.4″W / 40.479028°N 77.500667°W / 40.479028; -77.500667 (Book Site (36 Jul))
Juniata Clemson Island
4 Calver Island Swatara Township: in the Susquehanna River, southeast of Harrisburg
40°12′20″N 76°48′24″W / 40.20556°N 76.80667°W / 40.20556; -76.80667 (Calver Island)
Dauphin Multiple: Late Archaic through Early Woodland
5 Carbaugh Run Rhyolite Quarry Site (36AD30) Franklin Township: atop Snaggy Ridge, west of Carbaugh Run
39°53′2.4″N 77°27′26.4″W / 39.884000°N 77.457333°W / 39.884000; -77.457333 (Carbaugh Run Rhyolite Quarry Site (36AD30))
Adams Multiple: Late Archaic through Early Woodland
6 Clemson Island Prehistoric District Halifax Township: southern portion of Clemson Island in the Susquehanna River
40°26′59″N 76°56′41.5″W / 40.44972°N 76.944861°W / 40.44972; -76.944861 (Clemson Island Prehistoric District)
Dauphin Multiple: Early Archaic through Late Woodland Type site for the Clemson Island culture
7 Conestoga Town Conestoga Town overview.jpg Manor Township: junction of Safe Harbor and Indian Marker Rds., near Letort
39°57′35.4″N 76°24′1.4″W / 39.959833°N 76.400389°W / 39.959833; -76.400389 (Conestoga Town)
Lancaster Susquehannock
8 Deffenbaugh Site (36FA57) Deffenbaugh Site.jpg Nicholson Township: on a saddle between two hills, along Old Frame Rd.
39°48′7.2″N 79°51′36″W / 39.802000°N 79.86000°W / 39.802000; -79.86000 (Deffenbaugh Site (36FA57))
Fayette Monongahela
9 Duncan Island (36LA60,61) Martic Township: in the Susquehanna River above Holtwood
39°51′41″N 76°21′49″W / 39.86139°N 76.36361°W / 39.86139; -76.36361 (Duncan Island (36LA60,61))
Lancaster Archaic
10 Dykeman's Spring Dykeman's Spring Hatch House and Pond.png Shippensburg: Dykeman Rd., 0.25 miles (0.40 km) east of Pennsylvania Route 696
40°2′33″N 77°30′57″W / 40.04250°N 77.51583°W / 40.04250; -77.51583 (Dykeman's Spring)
Cumberland Multiple: Early Archaic through Woodland
11 Fisher Farm Site Fisher Farm Site.jpg Unionville: along U.S. Route 220, straddling a rail line
40°54′15.6″N 77°52′40″W / 40.904333°N 77.87778°W / 40.904333; -77.87778 (Fisher Farm Site)
Centre Late Woodland
12 Fisher Site (36GR21) Fisher Site fields.jpg Richhill Township: off Camp Resort Rd. along the Enlow Fork
39°57′36″N 80°28′0″W / 39.96000°N 80.46667°W / 39.96000; -80.46667 (Fisher Site (36GR21))
Greene Monongahela
13 Richard T. Foley Site (36GR52) Richard T. Foley Site with buildings.jpg Jackson Township: along Job Creek
39°49′50.7″N 80°22′54″W / 39.830750°N 80.38167°W / 39.830750; -80.38167 (Richard T. Foley Site (36GR52))
Greene Monongahela
14 Francis Farm Petroglyphs Site (36FA35) Perry Road toward ridgeline.jpg Jefferson Township: off Perry Road, 1 mile (1.6 km) west of the junction of Pennsylvania Routes 51 and 201
40°3′0″N 79°47′30″W / 40.05000°N 79.79167°W / 40.05000; -79.79167 (Francis Farm Petroglyphs Site (36FA35))
Fayette Unknown
15 Frey-Haverstick Site (36LA6) Frey-Haverstick Site.jpg Manor Township: eastern side of the Susquehanna River at Washington Boro, north of Staman's Run
39°59′42″N 76°28′13.8″W / 39.99500°N 76.470500°W / 39.99500; -76.470500 (Frey-Haverstick Site (36LA6))
Lancaster Multiple: Late Archaic through Susquehannock
16 Household No. 1 Site (36WM61) Household No. 1 Site, southern portion.jpg Rostraver Township: off Timms Ln.
40°10′27.7″N 79°46′44.4″W / 40.174361°N 79.779000°W / 40.174361; -79.779000 (Household No. 1 Site (36WM61))
Westmoreland Monongahela
17 Houserville Site (36CE65) Houserville Site overview from north.jpg College Township: 1300 block of E. College Ave., east of State College
40°48′42″N 77°50′4″W / 40.81167°N 77.83444°W / 40.81167; -77.83444 (Houserville Site (36CE65))
Centre Early and Middle Archaic
18 Indian God Rock Petroglyphs Site (36VE26) Indian God Rock.jpg Rockland Township: on the eastern bank of the Allegheny River above Brandon
41°19′48″N 79°49′27″W / 41.33000°N 79.82417°W / 41.33000; -79.82417 (Indian God Rock Petroglyphs Site (36VE26))
Venango Unknown
19 Byrd Leibhart Site (36YO170) Gravestones at Byrd Leibhart.jpg Lower Windsor Township: Native Lands County Park
39°58′41.4″N 76°29′54″W / 39.978167°N 76.49833°W / 39.978167; -76.49833 (Leibhart, Byrd, Site (36YO170))
York Susquehannock
20 Oscar Leibhart Site (36YO9) Lower Windsor Township: along the Susquehanna River, north of Klines Run
39°59′20.4″N 76°30′1″W / 39.989000°N 76.50028°W / 39.989000; -76.50028 (Leibhart, Oscar, Site (36YO9))
York Susquehannock
21 Locus 7 Site Locus 7 Site.jpg Washington Township: on a bluff above Downers Run north of Fayette City, 2,000 feet (610 m) east of the Monongahela River
40°6′24″N 79°50′13″W / 40.10667°N 79.83694°W / 40.10667; -79.83694 (Locus 7 Site)
Fayette Monongahela
22 Meadowcroft Rockshelter MeadowcroftRockshelter.jpg Independence Township: west of Avella
40°17′11″N 80°29′30″W / 40.28639°N 80.49167°W / 40.28639; -80.49167 (Meadowcroft Rockshelter)
Washington Multiple: Paleoindian through Late Woodland
23 Memorial Park Site Memorial Park Site in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania.jpg Lock Haven: on the southern bank of the Susquehanna River near the confluence of Bald Eagle Creek
41°8′19.2″N 77°25′4.3″W / 41.138667°N 77.417861°W / 41.138667; -77.417861 (Memorial Park Site)
Clinton Clemson Island
24 Minisink Archeological Site Manna site cut bank 1.jpg Dingman Township: in the vicinity of Minisink Island
41°17′26.2″N 74°49′44.4″W / 41.290611°N 74.829000°W / 41.290611; -74.829000 (Minisink Archeological Site)
Pike Multiple: Early Archaic through Shawnee
25 Murry Site Murry Site fields.jpg Manor Township: 2 miles south of Washington Boro
39°58′44.4″N 76°27′10.8″W / 39.979000°N 76.453000°W / 39.979000; -76.453000 (Murry Site)
Lancaster Susquehannock
26 North Warwick Historic and Archeological District Crow's Nest Visitor Center.JPG Warwick Township: Pennsylvania Route 345 and Harmonyville, Bethesda, Hopewell, Piersol, Trythall, and Northside Rds.
40°11′18″N 75°46′8″W / 40.18833°N 75.76889°W / 40.18833; -75.76889 (North Warwick Historic and Archeological District)
Chester Multiple: Late Archaic through Late Woodland
27 Park Site 36La96 Lcaster PA C Park ballfields.jpg Lancaster: on a knoll in Central Park, midway between the Conestoga River and Mill Creek
40°1′7″N 76°17′3.7″W / 40.01861°N 76.284361°W / 40.01861; -76.284361 (Park Site 36La96)
Lancaster Susquehannock
28 Roberts Farm Site (36LA1) Manor Township: on a knoll above the Conestoga River, just above its confluence with the Susquehanna River, near Conestoga
39°56′42.4″N 76°22′26.8″W / 39.945111°N 76.374111°W / 39.945111; -76.374111 (Roberts Farm Site (36LA1))
Lancaster Multiple: Late Archaic through Susquehannock
29 Shawnee-Minisink Site SHAWNEE MINISINK SITE, MONROE CTY, PA.jpg Smithfield Township: confluence of Brodhead Creek and the Delaware River
40°59′25″N 75°8′2.7″W / 40.99028°N 75.134083°W / 40.99028; -75.134083 (Shawnee-Minisink Site)
Monroe Multiple: Paleoindian through Late Archaic
30 Shenks Ferry Site (36LA2) Conestoga Township: along Grubbs Creek north of Pequea, ¾ mile above the Susquehanna River
39°54′18″N 76°21′36.7″W / 39.90500°N 76.360194°W / 39.90500; -76.360194 (Shenks Ferry Site (36LA2))
Lancaster Multiple: Shenks Ferry through Susquehannock Type site for the Shenks Ferry culture
31 Shoop Site (36DA20) Jackson Township: east of Enders
40°29′14″N 76°49′12″W / 40.48722°N 76.82000°W / 40.48722; -76.82000 (Shoop Site (36DA20))
Dauphin Paleoindian
32 Shultz-Funk Site (36LA7 and 36LA9) Shultz-Funk Site from west.jpg Manor Township: above the Susquehanna River near Washington Boro, immediately south of Witmer's Run
39°58′6.4″N 76°27′17.9″W / 39.968444°N 76.454972°W / 39.968444; -76.454972 (Shultz-Funk Site (36LA7 and 36LA9))
Lancaster Late Woodland
33 Site 36BD90 Reconstructed building in Old Bedford Village.jpg Bedford Township: on the grounds of Bedford Village
40°2′31.2″N 78°30′38.4″W / 40.042000°N 78.510667°W / 40.042000; -78.510667 (Site 36BD90)
Bedford Monongahela
34 Sommerheim Park Archaeological District Sommerheim Park Archaeological District Apr 13.jpg Millcreek Township: on bluffs above Sommerheim Dr. and Presque Isle Bay
42°6′49″N 80°8′42″W / 42.11361°N 80.14500°W / 42.11361; -80.14500 (Sommerheim Park Archaeological District)
Erie Multiple: Early Archaic through Middle Woodland
35 Squirrel Hill Site Squirrel Hill Site.jpg St. Clair Township: west of New Florence near the banks of the Conemaugh River
40°22′49″N 79°5′20.3″W / 40.38028°N 79.088972°W / 40.38028; -79.088972 (Squirrel Hill Site)
Westmoreland Monongahela
36 Strickler Site Strickler Site from River Road.jpg Manor Township: ¾ mile north of Creswell Station, and 1 mile south of Washington Boro
39°58′48″N 76°27′40″W / 39.98000°N 76.46111°W / 39.98000; -76.46111 (Strickler Site)
Lancaster Susquehannock
37 Sugar Grove Petroglyph Site (36GR5) Sugar Grove Petroglyphs.jpg Monongahela Township: off Pennsylvania Route 88, 0.7 miles (1.1 km) northwest of its bridge over Whiteley Creek
39°49′36″N 79°57′40″W / 39.82667°N 79.96111°W / 39.82667; -79.96111 (Sugar Grove Petroglyph Site (36GR5))
Greene Unknown
38 Tudek Site Tudek Site.jpg College Township: along Orchard Rd., northeast of State College
40°49′1″N 77°51′3″W / 40.81694°N 77.85083°W / 40.81694; -77.85083 (Tudek Site)
Centre Early and Middle Archaic
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