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List of European archaeological sites on the National Register of Historic Places in Pennsylvania facts for kids

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This is a list of European archaeological sites on the National Register of Historic Places in Pennsylvania.

Historic sites in the United States qualify to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places by passing one or more of four different criteria; Criterion D permits the inclusion of proven and potential archaeological sites. Approximately one hundred different sites in Pennsylvania are listed under this criterion, including both Native American and European sites. This list includes all properties in Pennsylvania that qualify under Criterion D due to the presence of European artifacts.


Landmark name Image Location County Comments
1 Allegheny Aqueduct Allegheny Aqueduct - Gibraltar, Pennsylvania (5655164775).jpg Robeson Township: Pennsylvania Route 724 and Allegheny Creek at Gibraltar
40°17′10″N 75°53′13″W / 40.28611°N 75.88694°W / 40.28611; -75.88694 (Allegheny Aqueduct)
Berks A section of the Schuylkill Canal
2 Alliance Furnace Alliance Furnace.jpg Perry Township: off Township 568 at Jacob's Creek, northeast of Perryopolis
40°6′45″N 79°43′3″W / 40.11250°N 79.71750°W / 40.11250; -79.71750 (Alliance Furnace)
Fayette Remnants of a blast furnace complex
3 Barree Forge and Furnace Juniata Ironworks buildings.jpg Porter Township: 2 miles (3.2 km) north of Alexandria along the Juniata River
40°35′18″N 78°6′4″W / 40.58833°N 78.10111°W / 40.58833; -78.10111 (Barree Forge and Furnace)
Huntingdon Remnants of a blast furnace complex
4 Beaver Historic District Downtown Beaver Pennsylvania.jpg Beaver: roughly bounded by the Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad tracks, Fair Ave., 5th St., 3rd St., and Sassafras Ln.
40°41′41″N 80°18′27″W / 40.69472°N 80.30750°W / 40.69472; -80.30750 (Beaver Historic District)
Beaver Includes the site of Fort McIntosh
5 Boswell Historic District Sts. Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church, Boswell.jpg Boswell: roughly bounded by Hower Ave., Atkinson Way, Quemahoning Creek, Main St., and Juniata St.
Somerset Coal mining company town
6 Bradys Bend Iron Company Furnaces Bradys Bend Iron Company Furnace.jpg Bradys Bend Township: Pennsylvania Route 68 in Bradys Bend
40°59′55″N 79°37′34″W / 40.99861°N 79.62611°W / 40.99861; -79.62611 (Bradys Bend Iron Company Furnaces)
Armstrong Remnants of a blast furnace complex
7 George Brinton House GEORGE BRINTON HOUSE - ALSO KNOWN AS RONDELAY.jpg Birmingham Township: Pennsylvania Route 100, 1 mile north of its junction with U.S. Route 1, near Chadds Ford
39°52′51″N 75°35′56″W / 39.88083°N 75.59889°W / 39.88083; -75.59889 (George Brinton House)
Chester Includes artifacts of the Battle of Brandywine
8 John Brown Tannery Site John Brown Tannery foundation.jpg Richmond Township: 500 feet south of the junction of Pennsylvania Route 77 and Lyons Rd. at New Richmond
41°43′8.5″N 79°57′3″W / 41.719028°N 79.95083°W / 41.719028; -79.95083 (John Brown Tannery Site)
Crawford Ruins of a tannery operated by abolitionist John Brown
9 Brown-Moore Blacksmith Shop Brown-Moore Blacksmith Shop.jpg Luzerne Township: 0.1 miles (0.16 km) west of Pennsylvania Route 4020
39°58′23″N 79°53′55″W / 39.97306°N 79.89861°W / 39.97306; -79.89861 (Brown-Moore Blacksmith Shop)
Fayette Well-preserved early nineteenth-century blacksmith shop
10 Jeremiah Burns Farm Washington Township: 10988 Fish and Game Rd.
39°45′58.464″N 77°31′47.46″W / 39.76624000°N 77.5298500°W / 39.76624000; -77.5298500 (Burns, Jeremiah, Farm)
Franklin Includes an early sawmill and log cabin site
11 Cairnbrook Historic District Loyalhanna Coal and Coke Company Office, Cairnbrook.jpg Shade Township: roughly bounded by the Penn Central railroad tracks, McGregor Ave., Windber Ave., and John St.
40°7′20″N 78°48′59″W / 40.12222°N 78.81639°W / 40.12222; -78.81639 (Cairnbrook Historic District)
Somerset Coal mining company town
12 Chad House JChaddsHouse.JPG Chadds Ford Township: Pennsylvania Route 100
39°52′29″N 75°35′31″W / 39.87472°N 75.59194°W / 39.87472; -75.59194 (Chad House)
Delaware Includes artifacts of the Battle of Brandywine
13 Chester Creek Historic District ThornburyTwp.JPG Thornbury Township: north, east, and south of Glen Mills along the western branch of Chester Creek
39°55′23″N 75°29′27″W / 39.92306°N 75.49083°W / 39.92306; -75.49083 (Chester Creek Historic District)
Delaware Includes multiple early industrial sites
14 Chickies Historic District Marietta PA on the hill.JPG East Donegal and West Hempfield Townships: roughly bounded by the Susquehanna River, Chickies Creek, Bank Street, and Long Lane, near Marietta
Lancaster Includes an early mill site
15 Codorus Forge and Furnace Historic District Hellam Township: junction of River Farm and Furnace Rds., southeast of Saginaw
40°3′5″N 76°39′26″W / 40.05139°N 76.65722°W / 40.05139; -76.65722 (Codorus Forge and Furnace Historic District)
York Remnants of a blast furnace complex
16 Crosley-Garrett Mill Workers' Housing, Store and Mill Site CrosleyGarrett Mill.JPG Newtown Township: Paper Mill Rd. and St. David's Rd.
40°1′9″N 75°24′16″W / 40.01917°N 75.40444°W / 40.01917; -75.40444 (Crosley-Garrett Mill Workers' Housing, Store and Mill Site)
Delaware Industrial company town
17 Dale Furnace and Forge Historic District Dale Furnace and Forge HD Horse Barn 02.JPG Washington Township: Forgedale Rd. northwest of Bally
40°25′21″N 75°37′1″W / 40.42250°N 75.61694°W / 40.42250; -75.61694 (Dale Furnace and Forge Historic District)
Berks Remnants of a blast furnace complex
18 Dreibelbis Mill Dreibelbis Mill, BerksCo PA 01.JPG Perry Township: junction of Dreibelbis Mill and Bellevue Rds.
40°30′22″N 75°57′23″W / 40.50611°N 75.95639°W / 40.50611; -75.95639 (Dreibelbis Mill)
Berks Nineteenth-century gristmill
19 Dykeman's Spring Dykeman's Spring Hatch House and Pond.png Shippensburg: Dykeman Rd., 0.25 miles (0.40 km) east of Pennsylvania Route 696
40°2′33″N 77°30′57″W / 40.04250°N 77.51583°W / 40.04250; -77.51583 (Dykeman's Spring)
Cumberland Includes military artifacts from the Civil War; also includes a Native American site
20 Etna Furnace Etna Furnace near Williamsburg.jpg Catharine Township: north of Williamsburg — roughly the area south and east of the bend of the Frankstown Branch Juniata River at Mount Etna
40°31′34″N 78°11′11″W / 40.52611°N 78.18639°W / 40.52611; -78.18639 (Etna Furnace)
Blair Remnants of a blast furnace complex
21 Forks of the Ohio Bouquet blockhouse.JPG Pittsburgh: Point Park
40°26′27″N 80°0′37″W / 40.44083°N 80.01028°W / 40.44083; -80.01028 (Forks of the Ohio)
Allegheny Includes the site of Fort Pitt
22 Fort Hunter Historic District Susquehanna Township: U.S. Route 22
40°20′29″N 76°54′30″W / 40.34139°N 76.90833°W / 40.34139; -76.90833 (Fort Hunter Historic District)
Dauphin Includes the site of Fort Hunter, built in the 1750s
23 Fort McIntosh Site Fort McIntosh Site.jpg Beaver: on a bluff overlooking the Ohio River, along River Rd. between College and Dravo Aves.
40°41′27.35″N 80°18′14.75″W / 40.6909306°N 80.3040972°W / 40.6909306; -80.3040972 (Fort McIntosh Site)
Beaver Site of the first U.S. Army fort north of the Ohio River
24 Gettysburg National Military Park Gettysburgbattlefield.jpg Cumberland, Highland, and Straban Townships: Gettysburg National Military Park, near Gettysburg
39°48′43″N 77°14′39″W / 39.81194°N 77.24417°W / 39.81194; -77.24417 (Gettysburg National Military Park)
Adams Site of the Battle of Gettysburg
25 Geiger Mill Geiger Mill Berksco.JPG Robeson Township: junction of Mill Rd. and Pennsylvania Route 82 in Geiger
40°12′0″N 75°50′15″W / 40.20000°N 75.83750°W / 40.20000; -75.83750 (Geiger Mill)
Berks Late eighteenth-century gristmill
26 Greenwood Furnace GreenwoodFurnacePA.jpg Jackson Township: Pennsylvania Route 305 in Greenwood Furnace State Park, east of McAlevys Fort
40°38′48″N 77°46′41″W / 40.64667°N 77.77806°W / 40.64667; -77.77806 (Greenwood Furnace)
Huntingdon Remnants of a blast furnace complex
27 Guldin Mill Guldin Mill, BerksCo PA 01.JPG Maidencreek Township: off Pennsylvania Route 73 southeast of its junction with U.S. Route 222
40°26′8″N 75°52′42″W / 40.43556°N 75.87833°W / 40.43556; -75.87833 (Guldin Mill)
Berks Early nineteenth-century gristmill
28 Holicong Village Historic District Buckingham Township: U.S. Route 202 and Holicong Rd. at Holicong
40°20′9″N 75°2′55″W / 40.33583°N 75.04861°W / 40.33583; -75.04861 (Holicong Village Historic District)
Bucks Eighteenth-century village
29 Hower-Slote House Hower-Slote House.jpg Lewis Township: west of Turbotville
41°6′6″N 76°47′45″W / 41.10167°N 76.79583°W / 41.10167; -76.79583 (Hower-Slote House)
Northumberland Includes part of the site of Fort Freeland, built during the American Revolutionary War
30 Independence National Historical Park Independence Hall.jpg Philadelphia: bounded by Walnut, 6th, Chestnut, and 2nd Sts.
39°56′52″N 75°8′53″W / 39.94778°N 75.14806°W / 39.94778; -75.14806 (Independence National Historical Park)
Philadelphia Includes Independence Hall
31 Irwintown Site Irwintown Site Apr 13.JPG Spring Creek Township: northern bank of the Allegheny River, above Hallton
41°24′3″N 78°54′23″W / 41.40083°N 78.90639°W / 41.40083; -78.90639 (Irwintown Site)
Elk Remains of a nineteenth-century logging town
32 Jacobsburg Historic District Bushkill Township: 3 miles (4.8 km) northeast of Nazareth off Pennsylvania Route 115
40°46′57″N 75°17′34″W / 40.78250°N 75.29278°W / 40.78250; -75.29278 (Jacobsburg Historic District)
Northampton Eighteenth-century industrial village
33 Nicholas Johnson Mill Nicholas Johnson Mill 01.JPG Colebrookdale Township: Mill Crest Rd.
40°20′58″N 75°37′12″W / 40.34944°N 75.62000°W / 40.34944; -75.62000 (Nicholas Johnson Mill)
Berks Nineteenth-century gristmill
34 Kauffman Mill Kauffman Mill, BerksCo PA 01.JPG Upper Bern Township: junction of Mill and Mill Hill Rds.
40°31′30″N 76°3′47″W / 40.52500°N 76.06306°W / 40.52500; -76.06306 (Kauffman Mill)
Berks Late eighteenth-century gristmill
35 Kise Mill Bridge Historic District Kise Mill Bridge.jpg Newberry Township: junction of Kise Mill and Roxberry Rds., east of Lewisberry
40°6′59.5″N 76°48′35.9″W / 40.116528°N 76.809972°W / 40.116528; -76.809972 (Kise Mill Bridge Historic District)
York Remnants of an early nineteenth-century industrial complex
36 Knabb-Bieber Mill Knabb-Bieber Mill.jpg Oley Township: Bieber Mill Rd. at Monocacy Creek
40°21′33″N 75°48′38″W / 40.35917°N 75.81056°W / 40.35917; -75.81056 (Knabb-Bieber Mill)
Berks Early nineteenth-century gristmill
37 Knipe-Johnson Farm Upper Gwynedd Township: 606 DeKalb Pike
40°13′2″N 75°15′4″W / 40.21722°N 75.25111°W / 40.21722; -75.25111 (Knipe-Johnson Farm)
Montgomery Includes sites of late eighteenth-century agricultural buildings
38 Lehigh Canal: Eastern Section Glendon and Abbott Street Industrial Sites Lehigh Canal-Glendon.jpg Easton: Lehigh River from Hopeville to its confluence with the Delaware River, west of
40°39′24″N 75°17′41″W / 40.65667°N 75.29472°W / 40.65667; -75.29472 (Lehigh Canal: Eastern Section Glendon and Abbott Street Industrial Sites)
Northampton A section of the Lehigh Canal
39 Legionville Fields at Legionville.jpg Harmony Township: between the Ohio River and Duss Ave., north of its intersection with Legionville Rd. and south of its intersection with Anthony Wayne Dr.
40°37′16″N 80°13′42″W / 40.62111°N 80.22833°W / 40.62111; -80.22833 (Legionville)
Beaver Site of the first official U.S. Army training camp
40 Locust Grove Conoy Township: south of Bainbridge off Pennsylvania Route 441
40°4′44″N 76°39′38″W / 40.07889°N 76.66056°W / 40.07889; -76.66056 (Locust Grove)
Lancaster Late eighteenth-century farmhouse
41 Israel and Samuel Lupfer Tannery Site and House Jackson and Toboyne Townships: Black Hollow Rd.
40°16′54.4″N 77°32′1.6″W / 40.281778°N 77.533778°W / 40.281778; -77.533778 (Lupfer, Israel and Samuel, Tannery Site and House)
Perry Remnants of a nineteenth-century tannery
42 Mill Creek Historic District 750 Mill Creek Rd MontCo PA.JPG Lower Merion Township: near and east of Bryn Mawr; also roughly bounded by the Schuylkill River, Mill Creek, and Righter's Mill, Rose Glen, and Monk's Rds.
40°1′32″N 75°17′8″W / 40.02556°N 75.28556°W / 40.02556; -75.28556 (Mill Creek Historic District)
Montgomery Includes multiple eighteenth-century industrial complexes
43 Millmont Farm Montgomery Township: east of Mercersburg at the junction of Pennsylvania Routes 16 and 416
39°48′16″N 77°52′24″W / 39.80444°N 77.87333°W / 39.80444; -77.87333 (Millmont Farm)
Franklin Includes a late eighteenth-century gristmill
44 Minersville Coke Ovens Minersville Coke Ovens.jpg Carbon Township: Pennsylvania Route 913, 1 mile (1.6 km) east of Coalmont
40°13′0″N 78°11′3″W / 40.21667°N 78.18417°W / 40.21667; -78.18417 (Minersville Coke Ovens)
Huntingdon A complex of coke ovens
45 Monroe Furnace Barree Township: junction of Pennsylvania Route 26 and Legislative Route 31076, 6 miles (9.7 km) northwest of McAlevys Fort
40°41′43″N 77°53′41″W / 40.69528°N 77.89472°W / 40.69528; -77.89472 (Monroe Furnace)
Huntingdon Remnants of a blast furnace complex
46 Mount Hope Estate Mount Hope Estate2.jpg Penn and Rapho Townships: northwest of Manheim on Pennsylvania Route 72; also roughly along Shearer's Creek, east of Mansion House Rd. and north of the Pennsylvania Turnpike
40°13′37″N 76°25′47″W / 40.22694°N 76.42972°W / 40.22694; -76.42972 (Mount Hope Estate)
Lancaster Includes remnants of a blast furnace complex
47 Muddy Creek Forks Historic District East Hopewell, Fawn, and Lower Chanceford Townships: junction of Muddy Creek Forks and New Park Rds. at Muddy Creek Forks
39°48′27″N 76°28′31″W / 39.80750°N 76.47528°W / 39.80750; -76.47528 (Muddy Creek Forks Historic District)
York Includes the remnants of an eighteenth-century mill complex
48 Jacob Nicholas House JacobNicholasHouse.jpg Easton: 458 Ferry St.
40°41′22″N 75°12′47″W / 40.68944°N 75.21306°W / 40.68944; -75.21306 (Jacob Nicholas House)
Northampton One of six buildings in Easton built before the American Revolution
49 North Warwick Historic and Archeological District Crow's Nest Visitor Center.JPG Warwick Township: Pennsylvania Route 345 and Harmonyville, Bethesda, Hopewell, Piersol, Trythall, and Northside Rds.
40°11′18″N 75°46′8″W / 40.18833°N 75.76889°W / 40.18833; -75.76889 (North Warwick Historic and Archeological District)
Chester Includes eighteenth- and nineteenth-century industrial complexes; also includes a Native American site
50 Pennsbury Manor Pennsbury Manor 01.JPG Falls Township: on the Delaware River south of Bordentown Rd.
40°8′0″N 74°46′12″W / 40.13333°N 74.77000°W / 40.13333; -74.77000 (Pennsbury Manor)
Bucks Site of the home of William Penn
51 Pennsylvania Canal Guard Lock and Feeder Dam, Raystown Branch Henderson Township: 2.5 miles (4.0 km) east of Huntingdon, south of U.S. Route 22 on the Juniata River
40°26′59″N 77°58′9″W / 40.44972°N 77.96917°W / 40.44972; -77.96917 (Pennsylvania Canal Guard Lock and Feeder Dam, Raystown Branch)
Huntingdon A section of the Pennsylvania Canal
52 The Printzhof Printz.JPG Tinicum Township: Taylor Ave. and 2nd St. in Essington
39°51′40″N 75°18′11″W / 39.86111°N 75.30306°W / 39.86111; -75.30306 (Printzhof, The)
Delaware Site of a leading building of New Sweden
53 Rice's Landing Historic District W.A. Young & Sons Foundry & Machine Shop.jpg Rices Landing: roughly bounded by the Monongahela River and Water, 2nd, Bayard, Carmichael, High, Main, and Ferry, including Pumpkin Run Peak
39°56′57″N 80°0′0″W / 39.94917°N 80.00000°W / 39.94917; -80.00000 (Rice's Landing Historic District)
Greene Includes remains of nineteenth-century industrial buildings
54 Ridley Creek State Park RCSPMansion.JPG Edgmont Township: northwest of Media between Pennsylvania Routes 3 and 352
39°57′13″N 75°26′41″W / 39.95361°N 75.44472°W / 39.95361; -75.44472 (Ridley Creek State Park)
Delaware Comprises multiple former farms as old as the late seventeenth century
55 Robertsdale Historic District Robertsdale Hotel.jpg Wood Township: roughly bounded by the USGS 1840 contour line and S. Main, Wood, Lincoln, Cliff, and Cherry Sts., in Robertsdale
40°11′1″N 78°6′45″W / 40.18361°N 78.11250°W / 40.18361; -78.11250 (Robertsdale Historic District)
Huntingdon Coal mining company town
56 Robesonia Furnace Historic District Robesonia POS of A 247.jpg Robesonia: Furnace, S. Church, and Freeman Sts. and Mountain and E. Meadow Aves.
40°20′34″N 76°8′26″W / 40.34278°N 76.14056°W / 40.34278; -76.14056 (Robesonia Furnace Historic District)
Berks Remnants of a blast furnace complex
57 Rock Hill Farm Montgomery Township: 12995 and 12755 Bain Rd. near Mercersburg
39°45′7″N 77°52′8″W / 39.75194°N 77.86889°W / 39.75194; -77.86889 (Rock Hill Farm)
Franklin Includes the ruins of an early seventeenth-century outbuilding
58 Saltsburg Historic District Saltsburg.jpg Saltsburg: roughly west of Plum and Walnut Alleys to the Kiskiminetas River
40°29′2″N 79°27′4″W / 40.48389°N 79.45111°W / 40.48389; -79.45111 (Saltsburg Historic District)
Indiana Includes a segment of the Pennsylvania Canal
59 Shade Furnace Archaeological District Shade Furnace.jpg Shade Township: north of Rockingham above Dark Shade Creek
40°9′11.22″N 78°49′41.88″W / 40.1531167°N 78.8283000°W / 40.1531167; -78.8283000 (Shade Furnace Archaeological District)
Somerset Remnants of a blast furnace complex
60 Siegfried's Dale Farm John and Catherina Siegfried House, Siegfried's Dale Farm 01.JPG Maxatawny Township: Siegfried's Rd.
40°32′58″N 75°43′23″W / 40.54944°N 75.72306°W / 40.54944; -75.72306 (Siegfried's Dale Farm)
Berks A cluster of eighteenth-century farms
61 Slickville Historic District First Avenue in Slickville.jpg Salem Township: roughly bounded by Greenburg and 2nd Aves. and Delmont, Court, Cottage and Fred Sts., in Slickville
40°27′27″N 79°31′23″W / 40.45750°N 79.52306°W / 40.45750; -79.52306 (Slickville Historic District)
Westmoreland Coal mining company town
62 Smock Historic District Smock PA Historic District.JPG Franklin and Menallen Townships: roughly bounded by Redstone Cemetery, Colonial Mine No. 1, Smock Hill, Colonial Mine No. 2, and Redstone Creek at Smock
39°59′58″N 79°47′5″W / 39.99944°N 79.78472°W / 39.99944; -79.78472 (Smock Historic District)
Fayette Coal mining company town
63 Sommerheim Park Archaeological District Sommerheim Park Archaeological District Apr 13.jpg Millcreek Township: on bluffs above Sommerheim Dr. and Presque Isle Bay
42°6′49″N 80°8′42″W / 42.11361°N 80.14500°W / 42.11361; -80.14500 (Sommerheim Park Archaeological District)
Erie Includes a nineteenth-century trash heap, plus multiple Native American sites
64 Upper Roxborough Historic District Nixon Lane Philly.JPG Philadelphia and Whitemarsh Township: roughly bounded by Shawmont Ave., Hagy's Mill Rd., and the Schuylkill River
40°3′29″N 75°15′6″W / 40.05806°N 75.25167°W / 40.05806; -75.25167 (Upper Roxborough Historic District)
Includes the remnants of eighteenth-century industrial complexes
65 Robert Wilson House Robt Wilson House Chesco.JPG East Fallowfield Township: Strasburg Rd. near Coatesville
39°57′9″N 75°50′32″W / 39.95250°N 75.84222°W / 39.95250; -75.84222 (Robert Wilson House)
Chester Includes an early nineteenth-century tannery
66 Yoder Mill Yoder Mill 01.JPG Pike Township: Yoder Rd. at Oysterville Creek
40°23′48″N 75°43′14″W / 40.39667°N 75.72056°W / 40.39667; -75.72056 (Yoder Mill)
Berks Nineteenth-century gristmill
67 York Iron Company Mine North Codorus Township: north of Green Valley Rd., south of Spring Grove
39°50′29″N 76°48′35″W / 39.84139°N 76.80972°W / 39.84139; -76.80972 (York Iron Company Mine)
York Remnants of a nineteenth-century iron mine
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