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This is a list of official state shells for those states of the United States that have chosen to select one as part of their state insignia. In 1965, North Carolina was the first state to designate an official state shell, the Scotch bonnet. Since then, 14 other states have designated an official state shell.

These are seashells, the shells of various marine mollusks including both gastropod and bivalves. Each one was chosen to represent a maritime state, based on the fact that the species occurs in that state and was considered suitable to represent the state, either because of the species' commercial importance as a local seafood item, or because of its beauty, rarity, exceptional size, or other features.


State Shell Image Year designated
Johnstone's junonia

Scaphella junonia ssp. johnstoneae
Scaphella junonia.jpg 1990
Eastern oyster

Crassostrea virginica

Crassostrea virginica 01.jpg 1989
Delaware Channeled whelk

Busycotypus canaliculatus
Thechanneledwhelkshell.png 2014
Florida Horse conch

Triplofusus papillosus
Pleuroploca gigantea.jpg 1969
Georgia Knobbed whelk

Busycon carica
Busycon carica.jpg 1987
Massachusetts New England Neptune

Neptunea lyrata ssp. decemcostata
Neptunea lyrata shell.jpg 1987
Eastern oyster

Crassostrea virginica
Crassostrea virginica 01.jpg 1974
New Jersey Knobbed whelk

Busycon carica ssp. gmelin
Busycon carica.jpg 1995
New York Bay scallop

Argopecten irradians
Argopecten irradians.jpg 1988
North Carolina Scotch bonnet

Semicassis granulata
Semicassis Granulata Apertural.jpg 1965
Oregon Oregon hairy triton

Fusitriton oregonensis
Fusitriton oregonensis 3.jpg 1989
Rhode Island Quahaug

Mercenaria mercenaria
LittleNeck clams USDA96c1862.jpg 1987
South Carolina Lettered olive

Oliva sayana
Lettered olive 0015.jpg 1984
Lightning whelk

Sinistrofulgur perversum ssp. pulleyi
Sinistrofulgur perversum 01.jpg 1987
Eastern oyster

Crassostrea virginica
Crassostrea virginica 01.jpg 1974

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