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Mayor of Columbus
Flag of Columbus, Ohio.svg
Flag of the City of Columbus
Seal of Columbus, Ohio.svg
Seal of the City of Columbus
Andrew Ginther

since January 1, 2016
Style The Honorable
Term length Four-year term
Inaugural holder Jarvis W. Pike
Formation February 14, 1812
Deputy President of Columbus City Council
Salary $172,981 (2013)

This is a list of mayors of Columbus, Ohio. There have been 48 individuals that have served as mayor of Columbus, serving 53 distinct mayoralties or consecutive terms in office. The first mayor of Columbus was Jarvis W. Pike. He was appointed by the Burough Council of Columbus in 1816. The first mayor of Columbus to be elected by popular vote was John Brooks in 1834. Five mayors have served non-consecutive terms. Philo H. Olmsted is counted as both the 8th and 12th mayor, Alexander Patton as both the 17th and 19th mayor, James G. Bull as both the 22nd and 24th mayor, George J. Karb as both the 30th and 39th mayor, and Jack Sensenbrenner as both the 46th and 48th mayor. Of the individuals appointed or elected as mayor, five have resigned from office - James Robinson, John Brooks, Warren Jenkins, John G. Miller, and Jim Rhodes. No mayor has died or become permanently disabled while in office. The shortest-serving former mayor is James Robinson, who served only eight months before resigning from office on September 11, 1827. The longest-serving mayor is Michael B. Coleman, who served 16 years and is the only African American to serve as mayor. Andrew Ginther is the current mayor. He took office on January 1, 2016.

City Hall of Columbus, Ohio

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