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Mainstream is the term for something that is liked, thought or accepted by the largest number of people. "Mainstream" things are those that are currently popular with most people. The term is most often applied in the arts (i.e., music, literature, and performance).

This includes:

  • something that is ordinary or usual;
  • something that is familiar to most people;
  • something that is available to the general public.

The mainstream includes all popular culture. An example of the opposite of the mainstream is counterculture, which is sometimes used as a negative term.

In movies

Mainstream movies can be defined as movies that are created for profit. Hollywood and Bollywood movies are usually considered mainstream, and may also be blockbusters. An example of the opposite of mainstream movie is art films.

In music

Mainstream music refers to music that is familiar to and popular with the majority of people in their culture. For example, popular music or pop music. However, older generations often dislike the mainstream taste of the youth, and may not agree as to what is or is not mainstream.

Opposing mainstream music is the music of subcultures. These opposing subcultures exist in most genres of music and is commonly found in punk rock, indie rock, and extreme metal, among others. In the 1960s, it was the music of the hippie counterculture. In more recent years, alternative rock, such as the music of Nirvana, has managed to maintain popularity in the mainstream music market even though their music did not meet mainstream standards.

Mainstream media

Mainstream media refers to where the majority of people gets their news. Newspapers, television news networks, cable news, and radio are generally considered mainstream media outlets. Mainstream media uses multiple channels to reach their audience, such as print, video, broadcast, digital, podcasts, live recordings, etc.

Mainstreaming in education

Mainstreaming refers to a type of education where children with a learning disability are mixed into classes with children without learning disabilities to help them learn better and to become comfortable with the "mainstream" of student life and life in their community. This is normally called "integration". When their needs cannot be met, they must be moved to special schools.

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