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Mandriva Linux
Mandriva 2010.png
Mandriva Linux 2010
Company / developer Mandriva
OS family Unix-like
Working state Discounted
Initial release July 23, 1998 (1998-07-23) (age 22)
Latest stable release 2011 / August 28, 2011 (2011-08-28)
Package manager urpmi
Kernel type Monolithic
Default user interface KDE / GNOME / XFCE / LXDE
License Various

Mandriva (formerly Mandrake Linux) is a Linux distribution.

The last release was the 2011 version released in August that year. Most Mandriva Linux developers who were laid off went to Mageia.

In May 2015, Mandriva went into administration, as of the 27th of May the organizations website was offline.

Brief history

Mandriva was first made public by a French software company MandrakeSoft. Its first release was based on Red Hat Linux 5.1 and was released in July 1998. Mandriva Linux was originated by Gaël Duval, and intended to focus on ease of use for new users.

Name changes

From its first release to version 8.0, Mandrake named its flagship distribution Linux-Mandrake. From version 8.1 to 9.2 it was called Mandrake Linux.

In February 2004, MandrakeSoft lost a court case for infringement. And it renamed its products. Starting from version 10.0, Mandrake Linux became known as Mandrakelinux, and its logo changed accordingly. Similarly, MandrakeMove became Mandrakemove.

In April 2005, Mandrakesoft announced the corporate acquisition of Conectiva,. As a result of this acquisition and the legal dispute with Hearst Corporation, Mandrakesoft announced that the company was changing its name to Mandriva, and that their Linux distribution Mandrake Linux would henceforward be known as Mandriva Linux.


Since 2007, Mandriva is released on a 6-month fixed-release cycle, similar to Ubuntu and Fedora. However, while newer features are added during each release, the timing of the Spring release stays the same as the first release, so as to ensure the stability each year.

Latest version

The latest stable version is Mandriva Linux 2011.0 (2011.0), released on 2011-08-28.

Development version

The development tree of Mandriva Linux has always been known as Cooker. This tree is directly released as a new stable version.

The current release is named 2009.1 and was released in April 2009.

Table of versions

Year Number Name
1998 5.1 Venice
1998 5.2 Leeloo
1999 5.3 Festen
1999 6.0 Venus
1999 6.1 Helios
2000 7.0 Air
2000 7.1 Helium
2000 7.2 Odyssey (called Ulysses during beta)
2001 8.0 Traktopel
2001 8.1 Vitamin
2002 8.2 Bluebird
2002 9.0 Dolphin
2003 9.1 Bamboo
2003 9.2 FiveStar
2004 10.0 Community and Official
2004 10.1 Community
2004 10.1 Official
2005 10.2 Limited Edition 2005
2005 2006.0 Mandriva Linux 2006
2006 2007 Mandriva Linux 2007
2007 2007.1 Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring
2007 2008.0 Mandriva Linux 2008
2008 2008.1 Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring
2008 2009.0 Mandriva Linux 2009
2009 2009.1 Mandriva Linux 2009 Spring
2009 2010.0 Mandriva Linux 2010
2010 2010.1 Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring
2010 2010.2 Mandriva Linux 2010.2
2011.0 2011.0 Hydrogen
2012.0 2012.0 Bernie Lomax

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