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Randa landslide
The Mattertal at Randa village.

Mattertal is a valley in the Alps of Switzerland which begins on the side of the Matterhorn. The Matterhorn is one of the most famous mountains in the world because of its beauty, and because it is hard to climb.

The Mattertal is a valley that was made by a glacier (a slowly-moving river of ice) moving down from the mountain. This can be seen from the deep U shape of the valley. (Valleys made by a fast-running stream are V-shaped). Because the sides of the valley are very steep, there are often landslides. One can be seen in the photo taken near Randa village. Many houses in the villages are called chalets. These can be seen in the picture of Täsch village.

In the Mattertal are villages which include Zermatt, Täsch, Randa, Grächen, and St. Niklaus. Many tourists like to stay in the villages to see the view, to go walking, skiing or mountain climbing. The traditional work of the people is dairy farming, but many people work in the tourist industry.

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