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Metal Max
Genres Role-playing game, Open world
Developers Crea-Tech
Data East
Cattle Call
Publishers Data East
Kadokawa Games
Creators Hiroshi Miyaoka
Artists Atsuji Yamamoto
Composers Satoshi Kadokura
Platforms Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, Mobile Phone, Virtual Console, Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita, PS4 Android, IOS,
Platform of origin Nintendo Entertainment System
Year of inception 1991
First release Metal Max
Latest release Metal Max 4: Gekkō no Diva(Main Series), Metal Saga: The Ark of Wastes

Metal Max (メタルマックス Metaru Makkusu) is a science fiction role-playing video game series that produced by Japanese company Crea-Tech. First game of series was release in 1991 in Nintendo Entertainment System. Due to treadmark problemsr, series has a sub-series Metal Saga. Series is famous in high freedom and unusual game world.


Like other Japanese RPGs, players use characters travel in destroyed feature world, find items to strong themselves, and battle with enemys to get money. In games, player can find and get tanks, tanks are powerful and can protect characters. Player can find tank in different place by searching, bought by money or made by NPCs. In battle, human characters can attact by themselves or using tanks, while all character's health points equals 0, battle was lost.

Tank has 6 parts: cannon (main gun), machine gun (sub gun), special equipments, chassis, engine, and control system. Using weapon can attack enemy, and the others can keep tank running normally. Tank was covered by armors, if tank was attacked, armors might be lost, than it will broken easily. If tank broken heavily, it wouldn't move or protect character, and it must need to be fixed.


First game of series was released in 1991 when Dragon Quest was popular in Japan, developer said for public that it's boring for battle with dragons, play human with tanks RPG -- Metal Max. In 1993, Metal Max 2 was released, it was sold 280,000 copies. And in 1995, the first of series was remade.

In the end of 1990s, original publisher Data East run not good, some game want to be publisher but not success. Finally, Data East got bankrupt in 2003, and "Metal Max" belongs to the one who don't work for video games.

Since 2005, Success company published a game as title "Metal Saga". In 2009, Enterbrain get the original treadmark, and Metal Max 3 was published in 2010 by Kadokawa Games.

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