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A mission can be any of the following:


  • Mission (Christian), a Christian missionary movement or post
  • Mission (station), a base of missionary practice

Politics and government

  • Diplomatic mission, a diplomatic outpost in a foreign territory
  • Space mission, the launch of craft into outer space.
    • List of human spaceflights, a list of manned space missions.
  • Combat mission, a military action.


In the United States:

In Canada:

  • Mission, British Columbia, a district municipality in British Columbia
  • Mission, Calgary, a neighbourhood in Calgary, Alberta
  • Okanagan Mission, a neighbourhood of Kelowna BC, is locally known as "the Mission"

Non-English-language equivalents:

In Argentina:

In Brazil:

  • Missões, Brazil, a region of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil roughly occupying the same area previously dominated by the colonial missions founded by Padre Roque Gonzales.
    • São Miguel das Missões, one of the best preserved of the old colonial missions
    • Guarani das Missões
    • São Paulo das Missões
    • Campina das Missões

In Paraguay:

  • Misiones Department

Other uses

  • Mission statement, a brief statement of the purpose of an organization
  • Mission (grape), a variety of grape

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