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Musky mint
Musky mint (Hyptis alata).jpg
Conservation status

Secure (NatureServe)
Scientific classification
  • Pycnanthemum alatum Raf.
  • Clinopodium rugosum L.
  • Hyptis radiata Willd., illegitimate superfluous name
  • Mesosphaerum radiatum Kuntze
  • Hyptis floridana Gand.
  • Hyptis leiocephala Gand.
  • Hyptis tracyi Gand.
  • Hyptis latidens Urb.
  • Hyptis rugosula Briq.

Hyptis alata, the musky mint or clustered bushmint, is a shrub species of flowering plant in the Lamiaceae, the mint family. The genus Hyptis is commonly known as the bushmints. It is a native species throughout the southeastern United States from Texas to North Carolina, as well as in Cuba, Argentina, southern Brazil, and Paraguay. It is found in wetlands, prairies, pond margins and wet flatwoods. Hyptis alata is the southeastern United States analog to the Southwestern deserts H. emoryi, the Desert Lavender.USDA: NRCS: Plants Profile Hyptis alata

  1. Hyptis alata subsp. alata - United States and Cuba
  2. Hyptis alata subsp. rugosula (Briq.) Harley - South America
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