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CJ Seoul Tower
Alternative names N Seoul Tower, Namsan Tower, Seoul Tower
General information
Status Complete
Type observation, communications, attraction
Location Seoul, South Korea
Coordinates 37°33′05″N 126°59′17″E / 37.551425°N 126.988°E / 37.551425; 126.988
Completed 1969
Height 237 metres (778 ft)
N Seoul Tower
Hangul 엔 서울타워
Revised Romanization En Seoul Tawo
McCune–Reischauer En Sŏul T‘awŏ

The North Seoul Tower is a large tower in South Korea. It is part of Seoul. The country can be viewed from the tower, making it a tourist attaction. It is 479.7 metres (1,574 ft) tall. It has cafes and observatories in it.

The N Seoul Tower has many great attractions,too. For example, there is even a gondola that takes you all the way up to the Seoul Tower for a greater view, and then up top, you can see all the wonderful views and have a Coke or something.

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