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Map of New York highlighting Genesee County
Location of Genesee County in New York

List of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Genesee County, New York

This is intended to be a complete list of properties and districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Genesee County, New York. The locations of National Register properties and districts (at least for all showing latitude and longitude coordinates below) may be seen in a map by clicking on "Map of all coordinates". One property, the Holland Land Office, is further designated a National Historic Landmark.

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Listings county-wide

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Alexander Classical School
Alexander Classical School
October 25, 1973
Buffalo St.
42°54′08″N 78°15′34″W / 42.902222°N 78.259444°W / 42.902222; -78.259444 (Alexander Classical School)
Alexander Rare three-story-tall cobblestone structure, only one listed in county, was built as boarding school in 1837. Later it became a public school, and then town hall.
2 Batavia Cemetery
Batavia Cemetery
April 8, 2002
Harvester Ave.
42°59′36″N 78°10′17″W / 42.993333°N 78.171389°W / 42.993333; -78.171389 (Batavia Cemetery)
Batavia Burials since 1823 include Joseph Ellicott, Albert and Arthur Brisbane, and large mausoleum of Dean Richmond. Tall monument near south side commemorates disappearance of Anti-Mason William Morgan in 1824.
3 Batavia Club
Batavia Club
June 19, 1973
Main and Bank Sts.
42°59′51″N 78°10′55″W / 42.9975°N 78.181944°W / 42.9975; -78.181944 (Batavia Club)
Batavia 1831 Federal style brick building, originally a bank and now an arts center, is one of only two extant Hezekiah Eldredge buildings in New York
4 Batavia Veterans Administration Hospital
Batavia Veterans Administration Hospital
March 27, 2012
222 Richmond Ave.
43°00′42″N 78°11′59″W / 43.0117°N 78.199602°W / 43.0117; -78.199602 (Batavia Veterans Administration Hospital)
Batavia United States Second Generation Veterans Hospitals Multiple Property Submission
5 First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church
December 6, 2004
300 E. Main St.
42°59′55″N 78°10′46″W / 42.998611°N 78.179444°W / 42.998611; -78.179444 (First Presbyterian Church)
Batavia Church complex built from 1854–1919 reflects changing styles of American Protestant worship
6 First Presbyterian Church of Le Roy
First Presbyterian Church of Le Roy
September 10, 2014
7 Clay St.
42°58′38″N 77°59′40″W / 42.9771491°N 77.9945001°W / 42.9771491; -77.9945001 (First Presbyterian Church of Le Roy)
Le Roy 1825 church houses one of the earliest surviving congregations in area, established 1812
7 Genesee County Courthouse
Genesee County Courthouse
June 18, 1973
Main and Ellicott Sts.
42°59′52″N 78°11′14″W / 42.997778°N 78.187222°W / 42.997778; -78.187222 (Genesee County Courthouse)
Batavia Greek Revival limestone building from 1843 replaced original courthouse thad at one point had served entire Holland Purchase. Local materials used in construction; serves as focal point of courthouse historic district and western gateway to downtown
8 Genesee County Courthouse Historic District
Genesee County Courthouse Historic District
December 10, 1982
Bounded by Porter and Jefferson Aves., and Main, Court, and Ellicott Sts.
42°59′53″N 78°11′14″W / 42.998056°N 78.187222°W / 42.998056; -78.187222 (Genesee County Courthouse Historic District)
Batavia Civic core of Batavia, with five government buildings at fork of old Iroquois trails, built from the 1840s to 1920s.
9 Gifford-Walker Farm
Gifford-Walker Farm
January 10, 1980
7083 N. Bergen Rd.
43°07′51″N 78°00′54″W / 43.130833°N 78.015°W / 43.130833; -78.015 (Gifford-Walker Farm)
North Bergen Intact 1870 Carpenter Gothic farmhouse
10 Holland Land Office
Holland Land Office
October 15, 1966
W. Main St.
42°59′55″N 78°11′21″W / 42.998611°N 78.189167°W / 42.998611; -78.189167 (Holland Land Office)
Batavia 1815 Greek Revival building was headquarters for original owners of Western New York
11 Keeney House
Keeney House
September 11, 1979
13 W. Main St
42°58′38″N 77°59′35″W / 42.977222°N 77.993056°W / 42.977222; -77.993056 (Keeney House)
Le Roy 1820s Federal style house, later home to inventor of stringless bean. Later Greek Revival embellishments removed in early 20th-century renovation.
12 Lake Street Historic District
Lake Street Historic District
September 5, 1985
10 and 12 S. Lake St. & 11-27 N. Lake St.
43°05′07″N 77°56′33″W / 43.085278°N 77.9425°W / 43.085278; -77.9425 (Lake Street Historic District)
Bergen Small group of late 19th-early 20th century downtown buildings, many with cast iron storefronts
13 Le Roy Historic District
Le Roy Historic District
January 31, 2017
7-9 Clay, 8-812 Lake, 1-73, 2-72 Main, 7 Mill, 8-62, 3-61 W. Main Sts.
42°58′40″N 77°59′32″W / 42.97771°N 77.99232°W / 42.97771; -77.99232 (Le Roy Historic District)
Le Roy Core of historic village that grew up around Jell-O plant and Oatka Creek
14 Le Roy House and Union Free School
Le Roy House and Union Free School
November 7, 1997
23 E. Main St.
42°58′42″N 77°59′11″W / 42.978333°N 77.986389°W / 42.978333; -77.986389 (Le Roy House and Union Free School)
Le Roy Land office expanded into ornate Greek Revival House, now local historical museum, in three stages by Jacob Le Roy starting in 1823. 1898 school building in rear was first built by present Le Roy school district; now used as Jell-O museum.
15 Machpelah Cemetery
Machpelah Cemetery
November 19, 2007
North St.
42°59′10″N 77°59′01″W / 42.986239°N 77.9835°W / 42.986239; -77.9835 (Machpelah Cemetery)
Le Roy Rural cemetery opened in 1858 and gradually expanded since then. Grave markers reflect many different trends in funerary art to present. Jell-O tycoon Orator Francis Woodward buried in prominent Classical Revival mausoleum.
16 Marion Steam Shovel
Marion Steam Shovel
February 22, 2008
Gulf Rd.
42°59′33″N 77°56′17″W / 42.992514°N 77.938083°W / 42.992514; -77.938083 (Marion Steam Shovel)
LeRoy Only remaining Marion Model 91 steamshovel; possibly largest extant steamshovel in world. May have been used in excavation of Panama Canal
17 Morganville Pottery Factory Site
Morganville Pottery Factory Site
February 15, 1974
Address Restricted
Morganville Site of factory in existence for much of 19th century making drain and ceramic tiles. Excavated by Rochester Museum and Science Center in 1973; may yet yield more artifacts.
18 Mount Pleasant
Mount Pleasant
August 9, 1984
2032 Indian Falls Rd.
43°00′45″N 78°20′35″W / 43.0125°N 78.343056°W / 43.0125; -78.343056 (Mount Pleasant)
Indian Falls Sophisticated 1861 Italianate farmhouse
19 Richmond Memorial Library
Richmond Memorial Library
July 24, 1974
19 Ross St.
42°59′52″N 78°10′38″W / 42.997778°N 78.177222°W / 42.997778; -78.177222 (Richmond Memorial Library)
Batavia 1887 Richardsonian Romanesque library emulating several of Richardson's libraries in the Boston suburbs
20 Saint James' Episcopal Church
Saint James' Episcopal Church
September 24, 2004
405 E. Main St.
42°59′59″N 78°10′32″W / 42.999722°N 78.175556°W / 42.999722; -78.175556 (Saint James' Episcopal Church)
Batavia 1908 Neo-Gothic church was first of many in Western New York designed by Robert North
21 Stafford Village Four Corners Historic District
Stafford Village Four Corners Historic District
October 8, 1976
Junction of NY 5 and NY 237
42°58′54″N 78°04′25″W / 42.981667°N 78.073611°W / 42.981667; -78.073611 (Stafford Village Four Corners Historic District)
Stafford 19th-century buildings from first permanent settlement on Holland Purchase, continuously in existence since 1798. Includes one of oldest houses in county and eclectic former town hall.
22 Augustus S. Tyron House
March 13, 2013
15 Church St.
42°58′47″N 77°59′17″W / 42.97959°N 77.988169°W / 42.97959; -77.988169 (Augustus S. Tyron House)
Le Roy
23 US Post Office-Le Roy
US Post Office-Le Roy
May 11, 1989
2 Main St.
42°58′39″N 77°59′22″W / 42.9775°N 77.989444°W / 42.9775; -77.989444 (US Post Office-Le Roy)
Le Roy Local benefactor paid for stone to face late 1930s building with unique design among state post offices
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