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Khan (title)
  • Euphrosyne Palaiologina
  • Alagh (Алаг)
  • Djögä
  • Tügä
  • Toraï
  • Chaka of Bulgaria
House Borjigin
Father Tatar
Religion Sunni Islam
Military career
Allegiance Golden Horde
Service/branch Golden Horde army
Years of service 1250s – 1290s
Rank Army General
Battles/wars Berke–Hulagu war,
War with Byzantines
Relations Genghis Khan (great-great-grandfather)

Nogai (died 1299/1300) or Noğay (pronouned no-guy, no-khay), also spelled Nogay, Nohai, Nokhai, Noqai, Ngoche, Noche, Kara Nokhai, and Isa Nogai, was a general and kingmaker of the Golden Horde and a great-great-grandson of Genghis Khan. His grandfather was Bo'al/Baul/Teval Khan, the 7th son of Jochi. Nogai Khan was also a notable convert to Islam.

Though he never formally ruled the Golden Horde himself, he was effectively the co-ruler of the state alongside whatever khan was in power at the time, and had unrestricted control over the portions west of the Dnieper. At his height, Nogai was one of the most powerful men in Europe, and widely thought of as the Horde's true head. The Russian chroniclers gave him the title of tsar, and the Franciscan missionaries in the Crimea spoke of him as a co-emperor.

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