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Цар Батий на престолі.jpg
Batu Khan on the throne of the Golden Horde.
Khan of the Golden Horde
Reign 1227–1255
Coronation 1224/1225 or 1227
Predecessor Jochi
Successor Sartak
Born 1205
Died 1255 (aged 47–48)
Sarai Batu
Burial 1255 in Khaganate
Consort Boraqchin Khatun
Issue Sinhoto Of China, Sartak
House Borjigin
Dynasty Golden Horde
Father Jochi
Mother Ukhaa Ujin of the Onggirat
Religion Tengrism

Batu Khan (c. 1205–1255), also known as Sain Khan, Sayn hân) and Tsar Batu, was a Mongol ruler and founder of the Golden Horde, a division of the Mongol Empire. Batu was a son of Jochi and grandson of Genghis Khan. His ulus was the chief state of the Golden Horde, which ruled Rus', Volga Bulgaria, Cumania, and the Caucasus for around 250 years, after also destroying the armies of Poland and Hungary. "Batu" or "Bat" literally means "firm" in the Mongolian language. After the deaths of Genghis Khan's sons, he became the most respected prince called agha (elder brother) in the Mongol Empire.

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