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Möngke Khan
4th Khagan-Emperor of the Mongol Empire
(Supreme Khan of the Mongols)
King of Kings
Emperor of the Yuan dynasty (posthumously)
4th Khagan-Emperor of the Mongol Empire
Reign 1 July 1251 – 11 August 1259
Coronation 1 July 1251
Predecessor Güyük Khan
Successor Kublai Khan
Born 11 January 1209
Mongol Empire
Died 11 August 1259 (aged 50)
Diaoyu Fortress, Chongqing, Southern Song dynasty, China
Burial Burkhan Khaldun, Khentii Province
Full name
Mongolian:ᠮᠥᠩᠬᠡ Мөнх
Posthumous name
Emperor Huansu (桓肃皇帝, posthumously given in 1266)
Temple name
Xianzong (宪宗, posthumously given in 1266)
House Borjigin
Father Tolui
Mother Sorghaghtani Beki
Religion Tengrism

Möngke (Mongolian: ᠮᠥᠩᠬᠡ Möngke / Мөнх Mönkh; Chinese: 蒙哥; pinyin: Ménggē; 11 January 1209 – 11 August 1259) was the fourth khagan-emperor of the Mongol Empire, ruling from 1 July 1251, to 11 August 1259. He was the first Khagan from the Toluid line, and made significant reforms to improve the administration of the Empire during his reign. Under Möngke, the Mongols conquered Iraq and Syria as well as the kingdom of Dali (modern Yunnan).

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