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Principality of Moldavia

Moldova (Țara Moldovei)  (Romanian)
Flag of Moldavia
Coat of arms of Moldavia
Coat of arms
Moldavia under Stephen the Great, 1483
Moldavia under Stephen the Great, 1483
Capital Baia/Siret (1343–1388)
Suceava (1388–1564)
Iași (Jassy) (1564–1859)
Common languages Romanian (Old Romanian) (local dialect also named as Moldavian), Old Church Slavonic (in early official use)
Eastern Orthodox
Government Principality
Princes of Moldavia (Voivodes, Hospodars)  
• 1346–1353 (first)
• 1859–1862 (last)
Alexandru Ioan Cuza
• Foundation of the Moldavian mark
• De jure union with Wallachia
5 February [O.S. 24 January] 1859 1859
Currency Taler
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Hungary
United Principalities
Duchy of Bukovina
Bessarabia Governorate
Today part of

Moldavia (Romanian: Moldova) is a region in Eastern Europe. It existed from the 14th century to 1859, when it became one with Wallachia as the basis of the modern Romanian state; at various times, it included the regions of Bessarabia (with the Budjak) and much of Bukovina. The bigger part of Bessarabia is currently the independent state of Moldova, while the rest of it and the northern part of Bukovina are territories of Ukraine.

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