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limba română
Native to

Romania, Moldova, Transnistria (Disputed region)
Minority in:

Israel, Serbia, Ukraine, Hungary, diaspora in Italy, Spain, Scotland, Portugal and other parts of Western Europe
Native speakers 24 million  (2007)
Second language: 4 million
Language family
Early forms:
  • Romanian
Writing system Latin (Romanian alphabet)
Romanian Braille
Official status
Official language in


 European Union
Recognised minority language in  Hungary
Regulated by Academia Română
Academy of Sciences of Moldova

51-AAD-c (varieties:

51-AAD-ca to -ck)
Map Roumanophone World.png
Blue: region where Romanian is the dominant language. Green: areas with a notable minority of Romanian speakers.

The Romanian language is a Romance language, meaning it comes from Latin like French, Spanish and Italian. It has 66% Latin-based words and 20% Slavic-based words. The rest are newer and come from Dacian, Turkish, Greek, or English. There are about 28 million speakers: 24 million who speak it as their mother tongue and 4 million who have learned it as their second language.

Romanian is also the most spoken language in Moldova, which is northeast of Romania. The Moldovan language is a kind of Romanian with certain differences, such as the dialect and a Moldavian accent.

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