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Scheme female reproductive system-en.svg
Internal reproductive organs of human female
Latin ovarium
Gray's subject #266 1254
Artery ovarian artery, uterine artery
Vein ovarian vein
Nerve ovarian plexus
Lymph lumbar lymph nodes
MeSH Ovary

Ovaries (Singular: Ovary) are organs found in female organisms. Ovaries are part of the reproductive system needed to reproduce sexually.

Most vertebrates have ovaries. Usually animals have two ovaries. Birds usually have only one working ovary; snakes have one ovary in front of the other. The ovaries are similar to testicles in men.


Ovaries are shaped like eggs and are around 3 cm by 1.5 cm by 1.5 cm. The ovary is found in the side walls of the pelvis.

Each ovary is attached to the Fallopian tube. Usually each ovary takes turns releasing eggs every month.


Ovaries have two purposes:


During menstruation, an ovum is released from the ovary to be fertilised. Ovaries have a certain number of eggs in them, so when eggs stop being released, this is the start of the menopause. During this time, female hormones stop being produced.

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