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Province of Fermo
Provincia di Fermo
The Prori Palace, Fermo
The Palazzo dei Prori in Fermo
Map with the province of Fermo in Italy
Map with the province of Fermo, in red, in Italy
Country  Italy
Region Marche
 • Total 862.77 km2 (333.12 sq mi)
Population (31 December 2015)
 • Total 175,625
 • Density 203.5595/km2 (527.217/sq mi)
Time zone CETU (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 63900
Telephone prefix 0734, 0736
Vehicle registration FM
Website Official website

The Province of Fermo (Italian: Provincia di Fermo) is a province in the Marche region of Italy. Its capital is the city of Fermo.

It is a province since 2004 with parts of the province of Ascoli Piceno but it was in 2009 when it became an active province..


Fermo mappa
Map of the province

Fermo has an area of 862.77 km2 (333 sq mi). The province is surrounded, by land, by two provinces of Marcheː the province of Macerata in the north and west and the province of Ascoli Piceno in the south; to the east is the Adriatic Sea on the east.

The main rivers in the province, from north to south, are (all of them flow to the east into tfe Adriatic Sea but Ete Morto)ː

  • Chienti; its mouth is near Civitanova Marche.
  • Tenna; its mouth is near Porto Sant'Elpidio.
  • Ete Morto; it is a tributary of Chienti river.
  • Ete Vivo; its mouth is near Porto San Giorgio.
  • Aso; its mouth is near Pedaso.


As of 31 December  2015 (2015 -12-31), there are 175,625 persons living in the comune, for a population density of 203.6 inhabitants/km².


The province has 40 comuni. The comuni with more people (over 8,000) living in them areː

Comune Population Area
Fermo 37,728 124.53
Porto Sant'Elpidio 26,234 18.13
Sant'Elpidio a Mare 17,110 50.52
Porto San Giorgio 16,040 8.79
Montegranaro 13,060 31.42
Monte Urano 8,343 16.72

The largest comune is Fermo, with 124.53 km2 (48 sq mi) and the smallest is Pedaso, with 3.85 km2 (1 sq mi). The comune with least inhabitants is Smerillo, with 378 inhabitants.

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