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Solidago rigida
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S. rigida subsp. humilis
Scientific classification

Solidago rigida, known by the common names stiff goldenrod and stiff-leaved goldenrod, is a North American plant species in the aster family (Asteraceae). It has a widespread distribution in Canada and the United States, where it is found primarily east of the Rocky Mountains. It is typically found in open, dry areas associated with calcareous or sandy soil. Habitats include prairies, savannas, and glades.


Soliadgo rigida is a tall, leafy perennial. Its leathery leaves are large for a goldenrod, reaching 3–6 cm (1.2–2.4 in) wide and 8–20 cm (3.1–7.9 in) long. It produces heads of yellow flowers in the late summer and fall. Its fruit is a wind-dispersed achene.


  • Solidago rigida subsp. glabrata (E.L.Braun) S.B.Heard & Semple – southeastern + south-central U.S.
  • Solidago rigida subsp. humilis (Porter) S.B.Heard & Semple – central + western Canada, central + western United States as far west as the Rocky Mountains
  • Solidago rigida subsp. rigidaOntario, central + eastern U.S.


This species is considered by NatureServe to be globally "secure" (G5), which is the lowest level of conservation concern assigned. However, it is known to be rare on the local level, due to its declining grassland habitat. It is listed as endangered in Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It is listed as endangered and extirpated in Maryland, as threatened in New York, and as historical in Rhode Island.

Native American ethnobotany

The Ojibwe use a decoction of root as an enema, and take an infusion of the root to treat "stoppage of urine. The Meskwaki make the flowers into a lotion and use them on bee stings and for swollen faces.

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