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South Yuba River
Yuba River, South Fork, N. Bloomfiled Rd.jpg
View of South Yuba from N Bloomfield Road Nevada City, CA
Other name(s) South Fork
Country United States
State California
Region Upper Yuba Watershed
Physical characteristics
Main source Lake Angela
Tahoe National Forest
River mouth Englebright Lake
Yuba River
Length 65 mi (105 km), east-west
Basin features
Basin size 340 sq mi (880 km2)
Namesakes: South Yuba River State Park
South Yuba River Citizens League
The old CA-49 bridge on the South Yuba River 2017
High water in the South Yuba River at the old CA-49 bridge, 8 January 2017

The 65.0-mile-long (104.6 km) South Yuba River is a left-entering tributary of the Yuba River originating in the northern Sierra Nevada at Lake Angela in Nevada County about three quarters of a mile north of Donner Pass, about three miles east of the town of Soda Springs. After passing through Lake Van Norden with Upper Castle Creek (longer than the Lake Angela stem) entering from the right, it gathers numerous snow-fed tributaries running west through a marshy, lake-filled valley, criss-crossing Interstate 80. The river briefly enters Placer County, then flows into Lake Spaulding, then plunges westward into a steep-sided valley. Canyon Creek enters from the right, then Poorman Creek also from the right near the town of Washington. The river continues west into the foothills, crossing under State Route 49. Its mouth is on the east shore of upper Englebright Lake, formed by a dam across the Yuba River.

The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment has issued a safe eating advisory for any fish caught in South Yuba River due to elevated levels of mercury and PCBs.


The river begins within the Tahoe National Forest. Parks along or near the South Yuba River include:


South Yuba River course
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description coordinates
source, Lake Angela dam 39°19′20″N 120°19′37″W / 39.3221273°N 120.3268679°W / 39.3221273; -120.3268679
road, I-80 WB
dam, Lake Van Norden
road, I-80 EB
confluence, Lower Castle Creek
road, I-80 WB
road, Hampshire Rocks
road, I-80 EB
confluence, Rattlesnake Creek
road, I-80 WB
dam, Lake Spaulding
confluence, Jordan Creek
confluence, Rucker Creek 39°20′40″N 120°40′46″W / 39.344374°N 120.679491°W / 39.344374; -120.679491
confluence, Clear Creek 39°21′12″N 120°41′58″W / 39.353467°N 120.699527°W / 39.353467; -120.699527
confluence, Diamond Creek 39°21′19″N 120°44′26″W / 39.355159°N 120.740441°W / 39.355159; -120.740441
confluence, Canyon Creek 39°21′39″N 120°45′01″W / 39.360867°N 120.750156°W / 39.360867; -120.750156
confluence, Scotchman Creek 39°21′24″N 120°46′59″W / 39.356644°N 120.783104°W / 39.356644; -120.783104
road, Washington 39°21′38″N 120°47′41″W / 39.360493°N 120.794766°W / 39.360493; -120.794766
confluence, Poorman Creek 39°21′10″N 120°48′37″W / 39.352834°N 120.810291°W / 39.352834; -120.810291
confluence, McKilligan Creek 39°21′08″N 120°49′07″W / 39.352193°N 120.818654°W / 39.352193; -120.818654
border, Tahoe National Forest 39°20′15″N 120°54′31″W / 39.337451°N 120.908704°W / 39.337451; -120.908704
confluence, Humbug Creek 39°20′17″N 120°55′55″W / 39.338115°N 120.931932°W / 39.338115; -120.931932
border, Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park 39°20′15″N 120°54′33″W / 39.337384°N 120.90909°W / 39.337384; -120.90909
road, N Bloomfield (Edwards Crossing) 39°19′49″N 120°59′03″W / 39.3301664°N 120.984215°W / 39.3301664; -120.984215
border, Malakoff Diggins SHP
border, South Yuba River SP
39°19′48″N 120°59′07″W / 39.330015°N 120.985351°W / 39.330015; -120.985351
confluence, Spring Creek 39°19′56″N 120°59′22″W / 39.332148°N 120.989408°W / 39.332148; -120.989408
road, Purdon (Purdon Crossing) 39°19′40″N 121°02′47″W / 39.327791°N 121.046505°W / 39.327791; -121.046505
confluence, Rock Creek 39°18′42″N 121°02′58″W / 39.311770°N 121.049323°W / 39.311770; -121.049323
former diversion, Excelsior Ditch 39°18′40″N 121°03′42″W / 39.311070°N 121.061631°W / 39.311070; -121.061631
road, CA 49 (bridge image)
confluence, Rush Creek 39°17′32″N 121°06′17″W / 39.292248°N 121.104803°W / 39.292248; -121.104803
confluence, Owl Creek
confluence, French Corral Creek
road, Pleasant Valley 39°17′34″N 121°11′37″W / 39.29286°N 121.193576°W / 39.29286; -121.193576
border, South Yuba River SP
road, Bridgeport Covered Bridge
39°17′34″N 121°11′42″W / 39.292739°N 121.194906°W / 39.292739; -121.194906
mouth, Englebright Lake
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