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Supermarkets are large grocery stores that sell a large variety of fresh and packaged food and other consumer or household products. Supermarkets are divided into sections, such as dairy, produce (fruits and vegetables), meat, packaged goods, cleaning supplies, and personal hygiene items. The term "supermarket" usually refers to a larger store than the term "grocery store."

Grocery Store

A grocery store (or just grocery) is a retail store that sells fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat, packaged foods, household cleaning and laundry supplies, and hygiene items (soap, toothpaste, etc.).

Types of grocery stores

There are a range of different types and sizes of grocery stores. Some grocery stores are small community stores with a limited range of items. Other grocery stores are large stores with a vast selection of food and household items. In some cases, a grocery store is part of a larger general merchandise store such as Walmart, which also sells clothes, hardware, and other items.

How grocery stores work

The person who controls a grocery store is called a grocer. A grocer will order food from farmers or other people who send out farmers food to other grocery stores and restaurants.

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