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Tin Goyenda
Tin Goyenda Volume 103.jpg
Cover of a typical Tin Goyenda Volume
  • Rakib Hasan
  • Shamsuddin Nawab (adpated)
Cover artist
  • Ranbir Ahmed Biplob
  • Victor Nill
Country Bangladesh
Language Bengali
Series Tin Goyenda
Subject Kishore Thriller Adventure
Genre Thriller/Mystery/Adventure
Publisher Sheba Prokashoni
Publication date
1985 – Current
Media type Print (paperback)
Followed by Kishore Thriller Adventure 

Tin Goyenda (Bengali: তিন গোয়েন্দা [tin ɡoenda]) is a series of juvenile detective novels written by Rakib Hasan and published in Bangladesh by Sheba Prokashoni. The Tin Goyenda series is a subseries of Kishore Thriller (juvenile thriller) series of Sheba Prokashoni. Apart from Tin Goyenda, Kishore Thriller Adventure is another subseries. The books were made into a TV series in 2014, where the main protagonist 'Kishore Pasha' was starred by Kabyo Shagore Nurul Momen.

Main Characters

Tin Goyenda is the tale of three teenager detectives. They are investigators and adventurers.

The three teen friends, Kishore Pasha, Musa Aman and Robin Milford formed the Tin Goyenda. Sometimes Georgina Parker (more commonly referred to as Jina) with her pet dog Rafi accompany them. Tin Goyenda live in Rocky Beach, a small coastal town in California, USA. They are in the same class at Rocky Beach High School and Green Hills School, though their grade is not mentioned. According to the cover pages of the original 'Three Investigators' series, the investigators are younger than 'Hardy Boys' and presumably 13–14 years old.

Kishore Pasha

Kishore Pasha, a Muslim Bangladeshi-American, is the leader of Tin Goyenda (Goyenda Prodhan). His parents died in a car accident when he was 7. It was described in the first part that the accident occurred when they were returning home from Hollywood. In the original '[The Three Investigators]' series however, the character Kishore's name is '[[Three Investigators Kishore's father's name was Zahed Pasha. He is shown living with his uncle Rashed Pasha and aunt Maria Pasha. Mr. Pasha owns a junk yard known as Pasha Salvage Yard. Kishore is a born actor, an electronic wizard and the locomotive of the Tin Goyenda as well. He was a child actor. (In the original English series, the name of the TV series where he acted in his childhood was 'Baby Fatso', In the Bangla book 'Pagol Shongho', the name of the TV show was 'Pagol Shongho' where Kishore's character's name was 'Moturam'.) He has two dogs 'Titu' and 'Bagha'. Obese in childhood, he maintains a strict diet. He has no interest in girls and is quite shy. He can act like himself only around Jina. He does not like to draw attention from public and likes to work behind the scenes. Through his work he made many unusual friends such as the French art-thief Shōpan(Chopin). In the volumn-13, he is compared to Agatha Christie's hercule poirot.

Musa Aman

Musa Aman, the second detective, is an Muslim African-American (In the original series- Peter Crenshaw, nickname Pete. According to the cover pages of the original series he is a 13–14 years old white American with brown hair).

His first passion is eating. He falls victim to the experimental cooking of Nisan Jung Kim (the Vietnamese cook of Mr. Simon) who loves to cook unusual dishes. Bearing an athletic figure and great strength, he is the team muscle. Often he uses his head as a weapon to headbutt the belly of the enemy, especially to clear his way. Musa Aman can fight any living thing, but he is scared of ghosts. When excited he sometimes utters the word 'Khaichhe' (Bengali: খাইছে) (though literally meaning eaten, here it means 'Damn it!'). Often he provides the comic relief. Musa lives with his parents: Rafat Aman, special-effect technician in a film-producing company. Musa hates to read books. He has a great passion for animals. Insects and soldier ants are attracted to him for some special element in his blood. Occasionally, he argues with the female character Jina. He has a younger cousin named Fariha. Loyalty to the team, deep respect for the teammates and occasional heroism: these qualities set Musa apart from other characters. He has faced life-threatening risks many times for helping others, including a time when he climbed a burning house to save a little boy.

Robin Milford

The ancestors of Robin Milford came to America from Ireland (In the original series- Robert Andrews, nickname Bob. According to the cover pages of the original series he is a 13–14 years old white American with golden hair). He is a nerd/ bookworm (although Kishore also reads). He is also known as the 'moving encyclopedia', he is the researcher and documentation specialist. He works part-time in the Rocky Beach Library and the leading local music company. He collects information related to their cases. The first book shows him as a skinny and short boy, but he grows taller and becomes very efficient with the ladies. He is known as a hunk. Like Musa Aman, he lives with his journalist parents. His father Roger Milford works for 'Los Angeles Times'. Robin is seen as an expert mountain climber, though it is mentioned that he broke his limbs several times when climbing mountains. He is a light-sleeper. He has a strong sixth sense but lacks karate skills. He is peaceful in nature, and is often found teasing Musa and others.

Additional characters

Georgina Parker

Georgina Parker was first introduced in the books at Pretshadhona (Worship of Spirits) in volume 2-1. In the original series her name is ‘Georgina Kirrin’. She is the daughter of famous scientist Harison Parker (In the original series - ‘Quentin Kirrin’). Sometimes her mother calls her "George". Because Jina's parents had high hopes for a son. But unfortunately their son, who was the first child, died immediately after birth and his name was George. (reference: Tin Goyenda volume 2-1: "Sagar Saikat". Original series writer Blyton revealed that ‘Georgina’ was based on the writer herself. Georgina or George is boyish, courageous, short-tempered and loyal . She has a dog named Rafi. Jina likes teasing Musa and has a small crush on Kishore.

Other characters

Rashed Pasha

Rashed Pasha is Kishore's uncle and Maria Pasha's husband. He owns a junkyard known as Pasha Salvage Yard. He initially he named the junk yard in Bangla using English letters. But people failed to pronounce it correctly. So, he renamed it in English. Later in the series, he becomes a detective and makes her wife (Maria Pasha aka Kishore's aunty) the owner of the junkyard.

Maria Pasha

Maria Pasha is Kishore's aunty and Rashed Pasha's wife. Kishore, Musa and Robin call her "Meri chaci" (Meri aunty). She has no child. So, she treats Tin Goyenda as her own child. She even introduces Kishore as her own son to unknown people. She is a brave woman.

Davies Christopher

Davies Christopher is a Hollywood film producer and director (the original series-used Alfred Hitchcock, a real director. At the height of his success, his name was commercially licensed to promote several book series). He gave the Tin Goyenda their first break. Most of Tin Goyenda's cases were shown to be transformed into juvenile movies produced by Christopher. After the first case, he often calls on Tin Goyenda to solve another puzzling mystery.

Omar Sharif

Omar Sharif is an Egyptian adventure-loving pilot in his late twenties or early thirties. He was Christopher's favorite pilot. He was introduced in the books Jaladossur Dip 1, 2 (The Island of the Pirates, Part 1 and 2). Later he became Tin Goyenda's favorite Omar Bhai. He took part in adventures with Tin Goyenda. Later, Omar and Tin Goyenda founded a flying club private airliner in the name of 'OKIMURO Corporation'. O for Omar, Ki for Kishore, Mu for Musa and Ro for Robin.

Victor Simon

Victor Simon is a renowned private eye/author/adventurer (In the original series- Hector Sebastien. Sebastien is a fictional writer who records the adventures of ‘The Three Investigators’ from their words). He is a wealthy man keeping a special relationship with the boys. He passes them cases. Sometimes Simon and Tin Goyenda work together on the same case. The first story when Tin Goyenda met him was Khora Goyenda (The lame detective).

Ian Fletcher

Ian Fletcher is the Police Chief in Rocky Beach (In the original series- Samuel Reynolds, everybody calls him ‘Chief Reynolds’. He is a bulky man and a bit bald. Source: The Mystery of the Green Ghost). He gives cases to the team and praises them. He signed and gave them three green cards on which following text was written- “This certifies that the bearer is a Volunteer Junior Assistant Deputy co-operating with the police force of Rocky Beach. Any assistance given him will be appreciated.

Terrier Doyle (known as "Shutki Terry")

'Shutki' (Bengali: শুঁটকি) refers to someone very thin, in a crude sense. Terry is the arch rival of Tin Goyenda (In the original series- Skinny Norris). He is a few years older than the team. He had a driver's license that he got from a state where the required age for a license was lower. When he comes to Rocky Beach, he tries to prove himself better than the team. Tin Goyenda hates Shutki-Terry. He has a team of his own.

Harrison Wagner Fogrampercott (known as Jhamela)

Jhamela (Bengali: ঝামেলা) refers to troubles. This police constable is one of the leading rivals inf Tin Goyenda's sequel series Tin Bondhu (The Three Mates). The rivalry began in a small village called 'Greenhills' where Robin, Musa and Fariha (Cousin of Musa) lived in their childhood. He has a bad habit of telling the word 'Jhamela' (trouble). In the book Ekhaneo Jhamela (Here's Also Trouble) he was transferred to Gobel beach.

William Bobrampercott

William Bobrampercott is the nephew of police constable Harrison Wagner Fogrampercott. He was mainly mentioned in the series Tin Bondhu. Despite his uncle's rivalry with the young detectives, he was friends with the boys. He directed parts in some cases of Tin Bondhu.

Hanson (chauffeur of the Rolls-Royce)

Hanson (In the original series- Worthington) is a British chauffeur who drives the Tin Goyenda around in a Rolls-Royce. Tin Goyenda won the Rolls-Royce in contest by Rent-a-Ride for a month. As time passes, he becomes a confidant and helper in the boys' investigations

Dr. Moon

Dr. Moon is a scientist and also an enemy of Tin Goyenda. He sometimes appeared in Tin Goyenda books like Somoy Surongo (Time Tunnel) and Time Travel. He had time machines named Time Travel-1,Time Travel-2, etc.

The Headquarter

The headquarter of Tin Goyenda is in Pasha Salvage Yard. It is a mobile van that Rashed Pasha bought a long time ago and then forgot about. Tin Goyenda took this chance and made it their headquarters. It is hidden under junk and has multiple hidden entrances. Each entrance has a name. Sobuj Fotok Ek (Green Gate One), Dui Surongo (Two Tunnel), Sohoj Tin (Easy Three), Lal Kukur Char (Red Dog Four) are some examples.

Apart from sitting space for them, it contains a darkroom, storage room, periscope, telephone and computer.

The Rolls-Royce

In the first book, Tin Goyenda, or more specifically Kishore Pasha, won the use of a Rolls-Royce for 30 days in a quiz competition. This car was made for a Middle Eastern Sheikh, who rejected it. From then on, the company used it as a publicity tool. The Rolls-Royce is a large black and golden luxury vehicle with a telephone and other comforts. Tin Goyenda uses it in the first few books. When the 30 day period was over, they were no longer entitled to use it. But after finding the precious stone Roktochokkhu (The Blood Eye), its grateful owner August. August asked the company to let Tin Goyenda use the Rolls-Royce on his account. Usually Mr. Hanson, a British-American, drives the car for the company.

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