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Wapiti River
Wapiti River
Western Canada rivers
Wapiti River in western Canada
Country Canada
Physical characteristics
Main source Tuck Lake, Wapiti Pass
1,370 m (4,490 ft)
54°26′26″N 120°47′25″W / 54.44069°N 120.79021°W / 54.44069; -120.79021 (Wapiti River origin)
River mouth Smoky River
485 m (1,591 ft)
55°08′16″N 118°18′05″W / 55.13784°N 118.30152°W / 55.13784; -118.30152 (Wapiti River mouth)

The Wapiti River is a river in eastern British Columbia and western Alberta, Canada. It is a major tributary of the Smoky River, located in the southern area of the Peace River Basin.

Wapiti is named after the Cree word for elk (waapiti).


Highway 40-Wapiti River
Wapiti River crossed by Highway 40 south of Grande Prairie

Wapiti River originates as the outflow of Tuck Lake, east of Wapiti Pass, in Wapiti Lake Provincial Park, east-central British Columbia, in the Canadian Rockies. It then runs in a north-eastern direction, crosses into Alberta, where it becomes more meandered as it continues through the County of Grande Prairie No. 1. It merges into the Smoky River 30 kilometres (19 mi) east of Grande Prairie.

From west to east, Wapiti River flows through the alpine environment of the Rocky Mountains, the rolling foothills, then farmlands and aspen parkland in western Alberta. Wapiti Lake Provincial Park, Bear River Park, O'Brien Provincial Park and Pipestone Creek Park are protected areas along the river.

Close to its mouth, Wapiti has an average discharge of 100 cubic metres per second (3,500 cu ft/s).

Tributaries and crossings

Tributary/Crossing Location Remarks
Tuck Lake 54°26′26″N 120°47′25″W / 54.44069°N 120.79021°W / 54.44069; -120.79021 (Tuck Lake) Originates from Tuck Lake in Wapiti Pass
Wapiti Lake 54°33′41″N 120°46′42″W / 54.56148°N 120.77831°W / 54.56148; -120.77831 (Wapiti Lake west) Flows into Wapiti Lake
Wapiti Lake 54°35′03″N 120°45′29″W / 54.58420°N 120.75794°W / 54.58420; -120.75794 (Wapiti Lake east) Flows from Wapiti Lake
Wapiti Lake Provincial Park 54°35′47″N 120°44′20″W / 54.59638°N 120.73880°W / 54.59638; -120.73880 (Wapiti Lake Provincial Park) Leaves Park
Fearless Creek 54°44′11″N 120°30′38″W / 54.73646°N 120.51058°W / 54.73646; -120.51058 (Fearless Creek) Left tributary, also waters of Dokken Creek
Calliou Creek 54°44′29″N 120°27′30″W / 54.74127°N 120.45839°W / 54.74127; -120.45839 (Calliou Creek) Left tributary
Red Deer Creek 54°41′02″N 120°14′59″W / 54.68386°N 120.24966°W / 54.68386; -120.24966 (Red Deer Creek) Right tributary
Belcourt Creek 54°41′05″N 120°06′13″W / 54.68479°N 120.10373°W / 54.68479; -120.10373 (Belcourt Creek) Right tributary
Mistanusk Creek 54°42′01″N 120°03′37″W / 54.70038°N 120.06016°W / 54.70038; -120.06016 (Mistanusk Creek) Right tributary, from Boundary Lake
Alberta/British Columbia 54°44′13″N 120°00′04″W / 54.73684°N 120.00109°W / 54.73684; -120.00109 (Province Border) Crosses into the province of Alberta
Chinook Creek 54°43′38″N 119°56′51″W / 54.72715°N 119.94752°W / 54.72715; -119.94752 (Chinook Creek) Right tributary, from Chinook Ridge
Narraway River 54°44′06″N 119°55′23″W / 54.73503°N 119.92292°W / 54.73503; -119.92292 (Narraway River) Right tributary
Lingrell Creek 54°46′38″N 119°50′36″W / 54.77732°N 119.84333°W / 54.77732; -119.84333 (Lingrell Creek) Right tributary, from Lingrell Lake
Nose Creek 54°52′06″N 119°38′17″W / 54.86847°N 119.63802°W / 54.86847; -119.63802 (Nose Creek) Right tributary
Calahoo Creek 54°55′08″N 119°41′04″W / 54.91894°N 119.68454°W / 54.91894; -119.68454 (Calahoo Creek) Left tributary
Smith Creek 54°57′27″N 119°36′18″W / 54.95758°N 119.60497°W / 54.95758; -119.60497 (Smith Creek) Left tributary
Pinto Creek 54°58′32″N 119°27′08″W / 54.97542°N 119.45228°W / 54.97542; -119.45228 (Pinto Creek) Right tributary
West Iroquois Creek 55°00′10″N 119°22′30″W / 55.00271°N 119.37504°W / 55.00271; -119.37504 (West Iroquois Creek) Right tributary
Iroquois Creek 55°01′16″N 119°19′04″W / 55.02108°N 119.31770°W / 55.02108; -119.31770 (Iroquois Creek) Right tributary
Redwillow River 55°01′57″N 119°18′35″W / 55.03241°N 119.30971°W / 55.03241; -119.30971 (Redwillow River) Left tributary, carries waters from Beaverlodge River as well
Pipestone Creek 55°02′46″N 119°06′09″W / 55.04614°N 119.10261°W / 55.04614; -119.10261 (Pipestone Creek) Left tributary
Spring Creek 55°04′40″N 118°56′24″W / 55.07790°N 118.94005°W / 55.07790; -118.94005 (Spring Creek) Left tributary
Highway 40 55°04′19″N 118°48′17″W / 55.07206°N 118.80483°W / 55.07206; -118.80483 (Highway 40) Crossed by road bridge
Big Mountain Creek 55°03′34″N 118°39′39″W / 55.05953°N 118.66093°W / 55.05953; -118.66093 (Big Mountain Creek) Right tributary
Canadian National Railway 55°04′20″N 118°37′21″W / 55.07215°N 118.62247°W / 55.07215; -118.62247 (CN) Crossed by railway bridge
Bear River 55°06′26″N 118°29′08″W / 55.10725°N 118.48549°W / 55.10725; -118.48549 (Bear River) Left tributary
Smoky River 55°08′16″N 118°18′05″W / 55.13784°N 118.30152°W / 55.13784; -118.30152 (Smoky River) Empties into the Smoky River as left tributary
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