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Wu Sangui
Wu Sangui.jpg
Emperor of the Great Zhou Dynasty
Reign March 1678 – August 1678
Predecessor None, Kangxi Emperor as Emperor of the Qing Dynasty
Successor Wu Shifan
Prince of Zhou
Reign 1674–1678
All-Supreme-Military Generalissimo
Reign 1673–1674
Prince Who Pacifies the West
Reign 1644–1678
Born 1612
Gaoyou, South Zhili, Ming dynasty, China
Died 2 October 1678 (aged 65–66)
Hengyang, Hunan, Qing dynasty, China
Spouse Empress Zhang
Chen Yuanyuan
Issue Wu Yingxiong
Full name
Wu Sangui
Posthumous name
開天達道同仁極運通文神武高皇帝 (Kaitian Dadao Tongren Jiyun Tongwen Shenwu Gao Huangdi)
Roughly meaning: Master of Heaven and Dao, Humane, Extremely Fortunate, Acquainted with the Classics, Divine General, High Emperor
Temple name
House Great Zhou dynasty
Father Wu Xiang
Mother Lady Zu

Wu Sangui (Chinese: 吳三桂; pinyin: Wú Sānguì; Wade–Giles: Wu San-kuei), courtesy name Changbai (長白) or Changbo (長伯), 1612 – 2 October 1678, was a Chinese military leader who played an instrumental role in the fall of the Ming dynasty and the establishment of the Qing dynasty in its place.

In 1644, after the rebel leader Li Zicheng killed his father, the Ming general Wu Xiang, Wu Sangui allied with the Qing Prince Dorgon and allowed the Qing army passage through the Shanhaiguan to suppress Li's rebellion. For his efforts in establishing the Qing dynasty, he was given a large fiefdom consisting of Yunnan and, later, Guizhou provinces, as well as the noble title "Prince Who Pacifies the West".

In 1674, instead of retiring from service, Wu decided to rebel against the Qing. In 1678, Wu declared himself the Emperor of China and the ruler of the Great Zhou (大周), only to die within months. For a time, his grandson Wu Shifan succeeded him. However, the Kangxi Emperor of the Qing Dynasty eventually quelled the revolt.

Wu Sangui is considered by traditional scholars as having been a traitor to both the Ming and the Qing dynasties.

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