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Adeixis griseata
Adeixis griseata male.jpg
Male specimen
Adeixis griseata female.jpg
Female specimen
Scientific classification
A. griseata
Binomial name
Adeixis griseata
(Hudson, 1903)
  • Dichromodes griseata Hudson, 1903

Adeixis griseata (swamp looper) is a species of moth of the family Geometridae. It is endemic to New Zealand.


This species was first described by George Vernon Hudson in 1903 from a specimen collected by Alfred Philpott at Seaward Moss in Southland. There was some debate between taxonomists as to whether this species was distinct from the Australian species Adeixis inostentata. However, in 1920, after comparing specimens of both species, Philpott concluded it was distinct enough to be regarded as its own species.


Hudson regarded this species as being extremely variable in the intensity of its markings and the depth of its colouring. The forewings of A. griseata are silver grey in colour with a small disk-shaped dot as well as with dark brown or blackish triangular shaped shading from the middle of the base of the forewing to its apex and a much smaller brown triangular shaped shading below this. The hind-wings are grey coloured tinged with yellow brown. When at rest it's body position tends to be head downward.


Specimens have been collected not only at Seaward Downs but also in other locations in the South Island such as Lake Manapouri, as well as localities in the North Island such as in Whangarei, Waimarino, Raetihi, Ohakuni and Kaitoki. A. griseata has also been found on the Chatham Islands.


A. griseata tends to inhabit poorly drained or swampy areas with sedges, rushes, Gleichenia, and native shrubs such as Pittosporum and Coprosma. However at present the host plant species of A. griseata is unknown.

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